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Ultrasonic Bath Cleaner for screens Material Testing

Ultrasonic Bath Cleaner for screens

Product Code:Ultrasonic Bath Cleaner

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For Full-Immersion Cleaning of 8" Diam.
Sieves and Partial-Immersion Cleaning of 12" Diam.
Sieves, 120V/50-60Hz

Gilson selects self-contained countertop Models UB-15 and UB-18 for size and shape suited to cleaning sieves of 3" to 12" (75-304mm) diameter. The 80kHz frequency and wattage ratings are ideal for powerful, safe and efficient, cleaning of fine meshes including fragile electroformed sizes. Most meshes are completely cleaned in 1 minute or less. Baths also serve for other lab cleaning jobs.

Model UB-15 is ideal for full-immersion cleaning of 3" (75mm) diameter sieves with metallic or nonmetallic frame, including electroformed meshes as fine as 5µm. It is especially recommended for sieves used in the GilSonic AutoSiever and UltraSiever, Micron Air Jet and other precision sieving instruments. UBA-100 stainless steel Sieve Holder/Basket accessory is recommended.

Select Model UB-18 for full-immersion cleaning of 8" (203mm) sieves of woven wire or electroformed mesh. Unit may be used for partial-immersion cleaning of 12" (305mm) diam. sieves using manual repositioning. Included Sieve Holder/Basket permits vertical racking of up to 4 Full-Ht. (6 Half-Ht.) sieves of 8" (203mm) diam. in one direction or 2 Full-Ht. (2 Inter.-Ht. or 3 Half-Ht.) 12" (305mm) sieves in other direction.

Both cleaners have "state-of-the-art" circuitry with auto-tuning and 0-30 min. timer with "Hold" option. Tanks and covers are stainless steel, outer cases are vinyl-clad steel. Run lights and tank drains are provided. Model
UB-18 has fan cooling.


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