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Weatherproof Enclosure Environment

Weatherproof Enclosure

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The weatherproof housing protects the humidity data logger, wind, sun and occasional vandalism. It is made ​​of glass-filled polycarbonate, UV stabilized for outdoor use. Signals cables enter through openings (rings) to the base of the housing.

The recorder will install and remove the casing via a cover on the front that seals the case when the firm. Resistant to vandalism screws and key are provided.

The 6701A model includes mounting hardware for the rod and accessories that represent a complete range for field installation. The new 6701D model is a version of the Double Width housing.
Housing IP67 polycarbonate UV stabilized (used in the Navy)
Rings for cable assortment of 4, size Pg9 / M16, IP67
Cable entry 4-10 mm
Extension to ring 30 mm from the surface of the housing
Cover screws Triangular head (set of 4 and a key)
6701A Installation
  • Steel plate painted with epoxy resin
  • Guided screws ZP 10G x 25 mm (set of 4)
  • U-bolts and ZP rod (set of 2)


Dimensions (hxwxd)
A 6701A-0 Weatherproof housing and mounting assembly with rod - 1 unit
2.5 kg
280 x 190 x 130mm
A 6701B-0 Weatherproof Enclosure - 1 unit
1 kg
280 x 190 x 130mm
A 6701C-0 Weatherproof housing with large lid - 1 unit
1 kg
280 x 190 x 130mm
A 6701D-0 Double Width housing weatherproof with cover - 2 units
1 kg
280 x 380 x 130mm

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