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Digital profile gauge

Digital profile gauge

Product Code:224

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This gauge is simple, fast and easy to use, it is available with Bluetooth® and with or without memory. The Elcometer 224 high-end model integrates wireless technology and can store up to 150,000 measurements in 2500 lots.

Designed to satisfy our users

  • Large keys, ideal when wearing gloves
  • Simple menus in several languages
  • Color LCD screen with high quality contrast and automatic rotation
  • Measurement limit indicators maximum and minimum
  • Factory calibrated for immediate use
  • Margin of error of ± 5% steps
  • Meets National Standards and International
  • Stable measurements regardless of the temperature
  • Statistics are calculated and displayed in real time
  • Graph live data and prizes for immediate analysis.
  • Repeatable and reproducible measurement taken
  • Gauge 2 years warranty
  • Supplied with fully traceable test certificate
  • Dating service and timekeeping lots
  • Water resistant, rugged and shock resistant
  • Water resistant and dust IP64 equivalent
  • Screen scratch resistant and solvent
  • Sustainable manufacturing gauge and probe
  • Suitable for use in harsh environments
  • Fast measurement rate of over 60 minute mesurespar
  • Separate or integrated sensors to meet all your needs
  • Identifying alphanumeric batches
  • Compatible with ElcoMaster ™ 2.0 and ElcoMaster ™ for Android ™
  • Battery saving mode with dem standby screen function
  • Resistant tip of tungsten carbide, replaceable by the user, can be used for 20 000 measures
  • USB and Bluetooth ™ connection
  • Memory capacity of over 150 000 measurements in 2500 batches
  • Profiles measuring up to 500 microns (20 mils)


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