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Apparatus for producing ozone Environment

Apparatus for producing ozone

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  • These systems - made in Canada - are designed for commercial and industrial applications
  • The main feature of the ozone generating apparatus is that it is air cooled reducing funding costs and maintenance
  • Available in horizontal or vertical configurations which increases the versatility of the system
  • The production capacity of ozone is 1 gr / hour to 8 lbs / day
  • Custom models can be designed and manufactured to meet specific customer needs



  • Bacteria in drinking water (coliforms, streptococci, virus polyomélite, ...)
  • Tertiary treatment for bio-processing, aerobic or anaerobic
  • Eliminates bacteria in the air.
Destroys organic waste
  • Eliminates the tannin, humic acids and insecticides in drinking water
  • Destroyed dyes, cyanides, phenols, aromatics, olefins, industrial ... effuents
  • Destroys odors: smoke, cooking, fish, farm ...
Oxidation of heavy Metals
  • Removes iron, manganese, lead groundwater
  • Removes heavy metals copper, tin, lead, gold, silver, industrial effluents ...
  • Destroyed the organometallic compounds in the gas phase.
Improves flocculation
  • 03 to aid the coagulation and to the production of large particles that assist the flocculation
  • News tertiary water treatment
  • High grade water TOC, such as in the treatment of pulp and paper and in the food industry
  • Ozonation makes the water of lakes and rivers colorless, with chlorine or other chemicals. Also eliminates the formation of trihalomethanes
  • Sugar syrups and other food beverages
  • Paper pulp, textile waste, textile and oils can be treated with ozone for recycling
Kills fungi and algae
Hydroponic liquors can be treated with ozone to eliminate and / or reduce the formation of fungi and algae, which absorb plant nutrients
Destroys and eliminates zebra mussels
Larvae of zebra mussels high ozone water


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