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Industrial air extractor Biotechnology

Industrial air extractor

Product Code:EAI 100

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  • EAI 100 equipment meets the requirements of the formative BEP "Trades of electrical"
  • The operating section comprises an electric motor instrumented, industrial helical ventilation with flow control valve;
  • The connections of the engine block, speed sensors, torque are made using type double insulated banana sockets cords in accordance with international standard IEC 1010.
  • The equipment is subject to self-certification CE and a review report with respect to the regulations and risks to users is performed by an approved body.
UTILITIES Electricity: 400 V AC - 50 Hz - 6 A


Check the suitability of the student BEP "Electrotechnology trades" to:
  • Perform functional tests and commissioning of the facility
  • Check, by measures, electrical quantities and mechanical characteristics of the installation
  • Practice tests and measures necessary for the justification of the design, adjustment of a component of the equipment.


  • Induction motor
    • Three-phase 230/400 V - 4 poles - B3 legs
    • 1.5 kilowatts at 1500 r / min
    • Equipped with a tachogenerator 10 V / 1000 rev / min
  • Rotary Torque
    • Rated torque: 50 Nm
    • Top speed: 1500 r / min
    • Accuracy class: 0.1% of the rated torque
    • Sensitivity 2 mV / V
    • Maximum torque without damage: 130% of the rated torque (65 Nm)
  • Fan
    • Helical-type - Long sleeve painted steel Ø 500 mm
    • Injected aluminum propeller - 10 blades
    • V-belt drive
    • Well and the transmission guard
    • Protective grille at the entrance
  • Vibration isolators
    • Flexible sleeve blowing
    • Adjustment valve flow
    • Length right Ø500 mm blowing
  • Two indicators for the torque and rotational speed
  • Engine wiring, sensor outputs, inputs indicators dual socket, insulation, connection banana leads provided
  • Anodised aluminum frame with self-brake castors
  • Electrical box GFCI head, switch, contactor for motor control


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