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Hydraulic machine maintenance - briquette compacting press Biotechnology

Hydraulic machine maintenance - briquette compacting press

Product Code:MMH 103

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  • Hydraulic press briquetting compaction is a hydraulic machine to perform maintenance of hydraulic cylinders.
  • Support for set-up work, diagnostics, replace failed components and system improvement.
  • Machine can be used alone or joined with mixer MMH 102 and a packaging system briquettes in boxes and palletizing boxes (contact us).
  • The machine is delivered complete, instrumented with technical handbook and practical work.
  • Industrial type equipment
  • Teaching concerned: Maintenance of industrial systems and complementary mentions in hydraulics
Utilities Electricity: 400 VAC tetra 20A - 50/60 Hz
DIMENSIONS LxWxH in mm: 2000x1700x1600 / 500kg


  • Setting the hydraulic components for obtaining the nominal operating conditions of the machine.
  • Diagnosis and replacement of hydraulic components and electro-hydraulic failed
  • Implementation of measures flow characteristics and pressure adjustment and diagnostics activities
  • Changing the hydraulic system to improve the functioning of the machine


  • Anodized aluminum chassis on wheels with brake section 90 * 45mm
  • Structure of the press system steel / screw and welded
  • CoversSheet
  • 2 gauges switches including one equipped with analog pressure transmitter
  • mechanical position sensors lever
  • laser detector for detecting the filling of the chamber

Supervision (optional):

  • visualization of the state for the actuators
  • hydraulic schematic representation emulation display magelis
  • Full control / commissioning / commissioning the machine movement
  • reading the instantaneous rotation pressure measurements
Electrical structure
  • General power switch
  • safe type PREVENTA module coupled with safety and emergency stop sensors
  • breaker and differentials for protection
  • steering the machine since the button located on the box
  • display of speed on desk
  • control, configuration and diagnostic support for HMI magelis
  • Schneider PLC with analog card
  • servo pressure control board
  • possibility of substituting this direct order by order since supervision / connection type connector sub D box lock (RS485)
Description of the hydraulic components in the basic version
  • 1 center with 4 kW Motor
  • 50L mini tank with level indicator and contact thermometer
  • 3 welded hydraulic cylinders and ISO
  • 1 gear pump about 12cm3
  • 2 4/3 solenoid
  • 1 4/2 hydraulically
  • 1 4/2 solenoid
  • 1 3/2 solenoid
  • 2 solenoid valves 2/2
  • 1 sequence valve
  • 1 Proportional pressure relief
  • 1 Flow amplifier on proportional pressure relief
  • return filter with service indicator level
  • components and implementation CETOP 3 online
  • pressure switch with analog pressure transmitter
Activities mill operating alone or online (defective equipment and provided replacement)
  • Setting the pressure relief valve to ensure the maximum force of the press
  • Diagnosis and replacement of a cylinder with internal leak
  • Diagnosis and replacement of faulty sequence valve
  • Integration of a proportional pressure regulating system for slaving the compaction system pressure rise
  • Analysis of the operation by measuring information from bondage: pressure setpoint voltage (custom banana-type double well sheets)
Description of the pressing system
  • system comprising three welded cylinders
  • operation of the pressing cycle in electro-hydraulic logic and relying on the use of hydraulic logic functions and electrohydraulic
  • 1 pre-compaction chamber for metering the volume of chips
  • One compacting chamber allowing the pressurizing chips for agglomeration
  • 1 cylinder head for compaction and disposal of wood bricks with cable clamp
  • minimum capacity thrust of compacting jack under 100 bar: 5 tons


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