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portable Balance Ohaus  Biotechnology

portable Balance Ohaus

Product Code:Navigator Serie

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OHAUS raises the bar higher in the area of ​​value-oriented scales! The Navigator ™ series offers a unique combination of features, including non-contact sensors, ultra-fast response time and increased protection against overload for use in a wide variety of weighing applications.

Standard Features
Contactless sensors
The Navigator ™ scale is designed with two non-contact sensors that allows you to keep your hands free and can concentrate on handling the samples. The contactless control of the zero, print, function or tare avoids transferring sample residue on the keyboard. In addition, the two sensors can be configured independently to control up to 36 combinations of operations.
Stabilization time of one second
Navigator ™ is designed to balance settle precisely in less than a second to deliver results fast and accurate weighing while improving efficiency, productivity and performance of the operator.
Enhanced protection against overload
The Balance Navigator ™ is designed with a reinforced mechanical protection system against overload that allows the balance to carry loads of up to 400% of its rated capacity. This prevents the balance being damaged and allows it to withstand excessive shock or overloads. In addition, an integrated transportation lock further protects the weighing cell against the risk of damage during transport or storage.
LCD display options or LED
The Balance Navigator ™ is designed with LCD displays or LED to provide the best visibility under all lighting conditions. Whether you use the Navigator ™ balance indoors or outdoors, the display is also designed with large numeric segments and unit indicators to facilitate the reading of weighing results.


With its combination of exceptional features, versatility and performance, the balance OHAUS Navigator ™ offers a wide range of uses in industrial weighing applications, food processing and laboratory.
Incredibly clean
  • Two non-contact sensors allow you to keep your hands free to concentrate on sample handling and avoid contamination of the scale. The command contactless tare, zero, print, function and backlight of the display reduces the contact with the keyboard, avoiding cross-contamination or deposition of undesirable residues in or from the balance.
  • Hygienic design, easy to clean with its polished stainless steel plate, anti-corrosion plastic housing and plate resistant to liquid spills.
  • The full use protective cover (optional) winds on and around the casing and keyboard to protect against splashes, dust and contamination.
Unmatched productivity
  • Stabilizes in less than a second to provide quick weighing results, accurate and reproducible, which allows to improve the operator efficiency and increase productivity.
  • The internal rechargeable lead option allows LCD versions to function normally on a full charge up to 100 hours (or more than 12 days, 8 hours per day). Thanks to its easy mobility, balance can be transported and used in areas where power outlets are not readily available. The rechargeable battery also reduces battery replacement and maintenance costs.
  • A passage of the hand over the non-contact sensors is sufficient to eliminate the effort or additional time to press the keys; balance is thus more convenient and efficient.
  • The lit LCD display and LED backlight provides optimum visibility, regardless of lighting conditions indoors or outdoors, with large figures and indicators that facilitate and accelerate the reading of weighing results.
Unbeatable Longevity
  • Designed to support substantial loads, mechanical protection system strengthened against overload allows the balance to safely withstand loads of up to 4 times its rated capacity.
  • Its stainless steel tray 304 type and high strength ABS plastic housing impact resistant so that the scale of suffering years of use or even abuse.
  • The non-contact sensors can prevent up to press the keyboard with your hands, knife or other sharp objects, reducing wear on the keyboard and improving the effective life of the balance.





Laboratory and Research
Easy to clean, precise and simple to use in laboratory environments. Simple setup, waterproof case, its mode of percentage weighing and security features make it the ideal solution for laboratory applications such as formulation, quality control, testing and experimentation.
Industry and manufacturing
Robust, fast and accurate for ideal use in industrial applications bass / midrange, including the mixture of paint and ink, packaging, sampling and parts counting. Safe up to 400% overload enhances protection of internal components, with a settling time of a second super-fast to increase operator efficiency and productivity.
Personal office, commercial enterprise and manufacturing
Durable, portable and reliable for ideal use in shipping and receiving environments, personnel office and warehouses. A display hold mode keeps the displayed weight, which would not be visible in the contrary case because of large containers. The battery power modes, counting and weight control extend the possible uses for recreation, inventory management, inspection and quality control. In addition, scales and Navigator ™ Navigator ™ XT is CE approved (Class III) for commercial or any other applications that require verification.
Agribusiness and portioning
Hygienic, low-maintenance and durable for ideal use in food processing, portioning and pre-packaging. Weighing units such as lb, oz, lb: oz (including 1/8 fractional ounce), kg, g, and modes of percentage and weight control improve utility behind the counter to the positions of preparation and cooking.


Other standard features and equipment
Full security support, stability indicator, overload indicator / underload software, low battery indicator, auto power off, power adapter, backlight settings selectable by the user, user selectable printing options , communication parameters selected by the user.

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