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Mid-Range 3D Shaker Biotechnology

Mid-Range 3D Shaker

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Improve Safety in your Lab
Your lab personel can be protected from dangerous gas fumes because the shaker fits in a fume hood. A minimum 30 in. depth, 36 in. length and 36 in. height is needed when using 2-liter separatory funnel holders.

The shaker can be used in a standard 24 in. deep x 72 in. long fume hood when using separatory funnel holders up to and including one liter in size. For additional safety, automatic-venting separatory funnels provide protection against pressure build-up.


  • Mechanically shakes glassware for consistent, repeatable results.
  • Fits in fume hood to protect personnel from fumes. (Minimum 30 x 36x 36 in.(DxLxH) for 2-liter sep funnels; 24 x 72 x 36 in. (DxLxH) for sizes up to 1-liter).
  • Suction cup feet prevent "walking".
  • Handles total loads up to 40 lbs without needing to balance load.
  • "Lazy Susan" design allows 360° rotating of platform for easy loading and unloading.
  • Platform locks in place for added safety.
  • Accommodates up to four 2-liter separatory funnels.
  • Can be mounted to optional, free-standing table; requires just four square feet of floor space.
  • Automatic venting separatory funnels available for added safety.

Funnel or Flask Holder - Pinces pour flacon ou entonnoire


Shaker base  adds convenience
The Mid-Range 3D Shaker can be used conveniently on your bench-top. Suction-cup feet prevent it from "walking". The shaker base is constructed of heavy-duty materials for handling a total load up to 40 pounds. Its "lazy Susan" design makes it easy to load and unload glassware because lab personel may rotate the platform 360º for easy access from the front of the unit. For added safety, the platform locks into place.


The base holds and shakes a variety of glassware
Designed for easy, snap-in mounting of glassware holders this shaker accommodates up to four 2-liter separatory funnel holders and up to four 1-liter Erlenmeyer flask holders. It holds up to 40 pounds, and balancing of the load is not required.


Table available for labs with limited bench space
The shaker base may be easily mounted to a free-standing table for those situations where bench space is not available. Still compact, the table needs just four square feet of floor space.


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