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Concrete Thickness Gauge Material Testing

Concrete Thickness Gauge

Product Code:CTG-2

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Verify Concrete Slab


  • Determines Thickness
  • Detects: Honeycomb Voids • Cracks • Delamination


No need to drill, core or excavate to determineconcrete slab thickness


 Model CTG-2
 Applicable For:

Concrete Slabs 

 Concrete Pipes

Tunnel Linings

Core Depth Planning

Precast Panels


• Precast

• Precast Tilt-up

• Cast-in-Place

Concrete Pavements

• Parking Garages

• Airport Runways

Based on the Impact Echo Principle
Meets ASTM Standard C1383-04(10)



Concrete Thickness Gauge

The CTG-2 is a hand-held, battery powered, nondestructive system for measuring the thickness and integrity of concrete slabs, pavements, tunnel linings, walls and other plate-like structures using the Impact Echo principle. Requires no special knowledge or trainingconnect the CTG-2 to your laptop or tablet* and start testing with Olson’s WinCTG2 software. For greater accuracy, calibrate the unit at a location of known thickness to obtain the concrete velocity for that job.


 Model CTG-2

Thickness Range:

  • 3.2" to 20" (81 mm to 50.8 cm)
  • Optional thick mode tests up to 6' (1.8m)

Data Collection
works with most Windows 7 and Windows 8 devices

± 2% when calibrated on a known thickness location

Frequency Resolution: 

Software Features:
Olson’s WinCTG2 Software is used for data acquisition and analysis

Number of Samples Acquired Per Test: 4,545

Sampling Rate: 45,454 samples/second

Max. Nyquist Sampling Frequency: 22,700 Hz

Report Capability: 
use X and Y coordinates to set up a test grid. Generate a thickness summary table which can be exported to most spreadsheets in comma separated format

Weight: 5 lbs (2.27 kg) combined weight of test head, batteries, cables and protective case

Cable Length for Test Head: 3 ft (91 cm)

Uses four readily available, nonrechargeable 
CR123A 3V long life lithium photo batteries

*To test concrete and acquire data, the CTG-2
system must be used with a Windows 7/Windows
8 computer or tablet running Olson Instrument’s
WinCTG2 software. The required computer or
must be provided by the user.


Ruggedized, hand-held test head with integrated displacement transducer and solenoid impactor

Switch between English (inches) or Metric (millimeters) units with the click of a button

No coupling agents required for use of test head on concrete

Easy velocity calibration at known thickness location, or use Olson’s default parameters

Works on cured, hardened concrete in air or on grade

Thickness data table can be imported into most spreadsheet programs

Works through paint and most types of bonded ceramic tile

Save results for later review










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