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Metric cube molds Material Testing

Metric cube molds

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Single and two-gang molds manufactured from heavy gauge steel. Sides and ends disassemble to permit removal of formed cubes.

FOLA0219-M Cube Mold, 100 mm, Single
FOLA0220-M Cube Mold, 100 mm, Two Gang
FOLA0222-M Cube Mold, 150 mm, Single
FOLA0223-M Cube Mold, 150 mm, Two Gang
FOLA0224-M Cube Mold, 200 mm, Single
FOLA0225-M Cube Mold, 200 mm, Two Gang
FOLA0226-M Cube Mold, 300 mm, Single


Meets the following standards
ASTM C31 C192
AASHTO T 23 T 126


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