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Concrete Hardness Silver Schmidt Material Testing

Concrete Hardness Silver Schmidt

Product Code:Silver Schmidt

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The real SCHMIDT concrete test hammer with integrated electronics

The SilverSchmidt is distinguished by its compact design, light weight and lack of maintenance. It is compatible with a wide range of applications and is not affected by the angle of impact. This new generation tool introduces electronic display and advanced mechanical system. It automatically converts the actual twist coefficient in the compressive strength.


The SilverSchmidt calculates the value "Q" by measuring the typing speed immediately before and after impact. The value "Q" is independent of impact direction and therefore it should not be corrected.

Q Value: The standard R value represents the mechanical drive hammer when rebounding. It depends therefrom the friction on the slide bar, the slider friction on the rod and the scale of the influence of gravity during the path and the relative velocity between the unit and the mechanical parts. The disadvantages are valid for all hammers concrete available on the market. The value "Q" (equal to the speed of rebound divided by the impact velocity) is the coefficient of physical rebound. This value is almost free from all error sources cited above. This is therefore an indicator of choice, which can be the basis for the conversion in the compressive strength units. The SilverSchmidt calculates the value "Q" by measuring the typing speed immediately before and after impact. The value "Q" is independent of impact direction and therefore it should not be corrected. However, there is an obvious relationship between the values ​​of "Q" and "R".

Single shock


  • the value "Q" real
  • a pseudo-analogue scale
  • a dual-function meter that indicates either the last two numbers of the 4-digit totalizer or the actual number of valid impacts in a series of measures
    typical screen after impact:

    Series of measurement
    Median / Mean after a series of measurements; compressive strength in N / mm2,
    psi (kg / cm2 as possible)

  • Simple operation via the user interface "one button and rotating angle of the instrument"
  • Universal language through a graphical interface
  • Automatic conversion to the required measurement unit (N / mm2, kg / cm2, psi)
  • Statistical evaluations according to standards and procedures specified by the user
  • Ability to store and use custom settings configurations defined to apply to different scenarios
  • Quick check of previous measures

    To view a result expressed in compressive strength units, select
  • the desired unit
  • the number of impacts of the series of tests and the calculation of the average
  • carbonation depth (if applicable)
  • conversion curve according to type of concrete
  • the shape factor

    Perform a series of measures for a fixed term. It is possible to manually cancel a clear outlier directly after impact. At the end of the series, the instrument shows the average converted to the desired unit.
  • Suitable for testing all kinds of concrete, mortar, rocks, paper and plastics
  • Ideal for on-site testing
  • Convenient for confined areas or difficult to access tests (that is to say working overhead)
  • Particularly suitable for tunnel linings on tests, because the measurements are independent of impact direction
  • Contractors
  • Engineers, consultants
  • Quality control managers, site supervisors
  • Universities / educational institutions and research institutes
  • Laboratories
  • Geologists and geophysicists


Technical Information
Mechanical data Type BN BL
Impact energy 2.207 Nm 0735 Nm
Hammer mass 115 g 115 g
Spring constant 0.79 N / mm 0.26 N / mm
Extension of the spring 75 mm 75 mm
Frame dimensions 55 x 55 x 520 mm
(340 mm to the tip of the stem)
(Visible part of the stem)
105 x 15 mm ø / radius
the spherical tip: 25 mm
Body Weight 600 g  
Electrical data
Screen 17 x 71 pixels; graphic / alphanumeric  
Power consumption ~ 13 mA for measurement,
~ 4 mA setup and verification and
~ 0.02 mA when not in use
The battery duty cycle > 1000 impacts (before recharging)  
Charger connection USB type B (5V, 100 mA)  
Useful beaches
Concrete compressive strength 10 N / mm2 to 170 N / mm2 (1,450 psi to 24'650 psi)  
Operating Temperature Between 0 and 50 ° C  
Storage temperature Between -10 and 70 ° C


Convertisseur d'unités