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Apparatus for measurement of the maximum density Material Testing

Apparatus for measurement of the maximum density

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System is used to determine maximum density of bitu- HU1752-000 minous paving mixtures. Through the use of a reciprocal shaker and a vacuum pump, entrapped air is virtually eliminated. Then weight of mixture and weight of an equal volume of water are measured.

Cat. No. Description
EB6010-000 Reciprocal Shaker 180 OSC/min
EB6040NQ-0 Platform
JARRE104-0 4L Glass Jar
59581582-0 #14 Rubber Stopper 1 hole
HU1763-000 Vacuum Pump (30MMHG)
HU1752-000 Mercury Manometer
HU4913.1M Erlenmeyer Flask Vented 1000 ML


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