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Meter blends (FAME) diesel / biodiesel Material Testing

Meter blends (FAME) diesel / biodiesel


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With increasing instances of material compatibility problems with FAME products, such as fuel pumps, the measurement of bio ester content in diesel is now a key test parameter for many users. Recent advances in RF sensor technology provide a portable and low cost solution for this measurement. The robust sensor design is ideally suited for on site test work as an early warning of possible contamination. The test procedure requires no special skills or lab conditions and is therefore suitable for a broad range of applications, from batch checking fuels at terminals, through to monitoring fuel supplies for standby power generation systems. Independent trials show good agreement with laboratory based FTIR methods.

EsterCheck is easy to operate; simply dip the probe into the sample to be measured then press ‘measure’ and % bio-diesel will be displayed (reading is stored with time and date). EsterCheck is housed in a robust case with mini-USB port that can download readings to a host computer as well as charge the unit.

An additional advantage of the sensor technology is the capability to provide an indication of contamination by non refined vegetable oil, petrol or water, providing a means to ensure integrity of fuel supplies whilst safeguarding plant and storage systems.

The instrument is supplied in a hard case with charger (with international adaptors), sample pots, software disc and user manual. Other accessories, including sample holder and multiple sample storage unit, are available.


  • Contamination Warning
  • Instant measurement
  • Accurate to less than 1% Bio- Diesel
  • Hand held robust enclosure – IP 64 rated
  • Rechargeable battery operated
  • Simple display
  • Stainless steel easy clean sensor
  • Automatic calibration


Compatible Diesel types EN 590 ASTM D975
Detectable Bio-Diesel (FAME) RME, SME, PME and composite FAMES (EN 14214, ASTM D6751)
Detectable Vegetable oils Sunflower, Rapeseed, Corn Oil, Ground Nut Oil
Measurement range 1-100% Bio Diesel
Device Storage Temperature -40 to +70°C
Working Temperature Range +5 to +40°C
Minimum sample container 45 ml
Enclosure IP 64
Size L170 (250 with probe) x W86 x D34mm


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