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Humidity and temperature transmitters for applications indutriels Environment

Humidity and temperature transmitters for applications indutriels

Product Code:Serie HMT330

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The series of humidity and temperature transmitters HUMICAP® HMT330 is designed for demanding industrial applications where stable measurement and wide customization is important.

Performance HUMICAP®
Series HMT330 incorporates Vaisala's 30 years of experience in industrial humidity measurement. His HUMICAP® sensor reliability and proven accuracy has now given way to a modernized, more reliable and resistant to chemicals.

Chemical purge minimizes effects of contaminants
In environments with high concentrations of chemicals and cleaning agents, chemical purge helps to maintain measurement accuracy between calibration intervals. This purge removes harmful chemicals. The function can be initiated manually or programmed preset intervals.

A graphic display of the history and measurement trends
The HMT330 is available with a digital display and large graph that allows the user to clearly track data, measurement trends and history of measurements a year. The optional data logger with real time clock can generate a history of more than four years and zoom in on any date / time or period. The clock battery ensures reliable recording of measurement data.
An alarm on the display can follow any measured parameter, with high and low limits freely configurable.

Collection and transfer of data (not son) to a PC
The measurement data can be viewed on the display or transferred to a PC running Microsoft Windows®. The transmitter can also be connected to a network through an interface (W) Optional LAN allowing a connection (not son) Ethernet. A USB-RJ45 cable makes it easy to connect the service port of the HMT330 to a PC.

Installation options and output
The power options in AC and DC and several mounting accessories make installation of the unit.
The HMT330 can have up to three analog outputs. A power supply and analog outputs with galvanic isolation are also available. For the serial interface, the user can choose USB, RS232 and RS485.

Calibration flexibility
The HMT330 instruments are calibrated at the factory six humidity points. A quick one-point calibration in the field can be made for moisture using portable hygrometer Vaisala HM70. A two-point calibration can be done in a controlled environment with the calibrator HMK15 saline. The transmitter can be returned to Vaisala for recalibration. Accredited calibrations and maintenance contracts are also available.


Features / Benefits
  • Six probes models for demanding industrial applications
  • Measuring range 0 ... 100% RH, temperatures up to 180 ° C (depending on model)
  • Pressure tolerance up to 100 bar (depending on model)
  • Latest generation HUMICAP® sensor guaranteeing stability, and accuracy
  • Graphical display of measurement trends and historical over four years
  • Multilingual User Interface
  • Excellent performance in high chemical concentrations
  • Corrosion resistant IP65
  • NIST traceable (certificate included)
  • Analog outputs, WLAN / LAN


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