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Humidity and Temperature Transmitter HygroMaxx Environment

Humidity and Temperature Transmitter HygroMaxx

Product Code:HygroMaxx

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The new digital humidity/ temperature measuring instrument HygroMaxx is available in two versions, HygroMaxx S (room-), -R (duct-) and -M (remote sensor).

Thanks to the robust housing and sensor made of stainless steel, this device has a wide application field. The new digital capacitive humidity cell complies the state of the art in technology and offers outstanding measuring features. Due to the miniaturization and optimal choice of materials the measuring element offers a high resistance against aggressive substances in the air environment. The HygroMaxx transmitter disposes of practical functions and configuration capabilities such as a calibration at 3 humidity points and an offset shift function of the temperature. Two scalable analogue outputs transmit up to 10 times a second the actual measurement values to the connected controlling system. At the same time the value is displayed on the big and clear LCDisplay. The integrated micro processor supervises at any time all parameters and functions. Eventual failures are displayed immediately. The HygroMaxx is a device, which is used mainly in the climatic control sector (HVAC).


  • Best price efficiency
  • High measurement accuray and reproducibility
  • Robust design of housing and sensor
  • Big, clear LC-Display RH / temperature
  • Simple humidity (3 points) & temperature (1 point) calibration
  • Simple average value storage
  • Intuitive menu structure
  • Scalable analogue outputs
  • Password protection system
  • Easy mounting and start-up
  • Versatile utilisation in rooms & ducts


Measurement and monitoring for the control of climatic installations in following applications:

  • Industrial climatic installations
  • Clean room applications
  • Green houses and tunnels
  • Paper-, textile-industry
  • Agriculture, meteorological monitoring
  • Painting- and printing installations
  • Hospitals, sport facilities
  • Packing industry


  • HygroMaxx S :

Humidity-Temperature measuring instrument for detection of climatic parameters in rooms (fresh air) with integrated digital sensor.

  • HygroMaxx R :

Humidity-Temperature measuring instrument for detection of climatic parameters in air supply and exhaust air ducts (fresh air) with integrated digital sensor.

  • HygroMaxx M :

Humidity-Temperature measuring instrument for detection of climatic parameters. Remote sensor with 3m cable incl. room and duct flange kit, with integrated digital sensor.

Technical Data

Accessories + Spare parts

Model  Article No.
Spare sensor for room version 70 mm  252 3131
Spare sensor for duct version 250 mm  252 3132
Spare remote sensor 250mm / 3m cable  252 3133
Connector set 2 + 3 wire   252 3134
Housing bottom  252 3135
Duct mounting kit  111 5343
Wall mounting Clip  252 4468
Humidity Check SAL-SC 11% RH  111 0885
Humidity Check SAL-SC 33% RH  111 0855
Humidity Check SAL-SC 53% RH   111 0857
Humidity Check SAL-SC 75% RH  111 0859
Humidity Check SAL-SC 90% RH  111 0896


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