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Passive infrared detector for monitoring the flow Environment

Passive infrared detector for monitoring the flow

Product Code:TT290

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Multi Channel PIR Detection
A combination of static and dynamic detection channels with appropriate optics is forming two or more detection zones. The thermal radiation contrast against the background radiation of the road surface of a vehicle moving into or through the detection zones gives the information of the passage or presence of a vehicle. Signal processing transforms this information into digitised information for each event.



Detection of vehicles for all purposes of traffic data acquisition as a component for

  • Vehicle Counting
  • Average Speed Assessment
  • Length Classification
  • Presence Detection
in traffic data acquisition systems.

The detectors can be mounted directly over the observed lane on a gantry, overpass or bridge or alternatively on a pole at the roadside.
A multi channel PIR detector can replace a pair of inductive loops without the need to dig trenches or disrupt the traffic flow.
Owing to the true presence capability, the detectors can operate accurately under all conditions including heavy traffic and congestion down to stand still.


Technical Features
Multi zone, multi channel PIR detection with intelligent logic enables the detectors to count, measure the speed and length of a moving vehicle and to detect the presence of a stationary vehicle. Standard output is by two-way communication between several detectors and the data collection module over a single RS 485 data bus. Internal data buffer stores the relevant information for all detected events within the selected call interval. Self-check of the detection channels gives a fault output under defined conditions. Standard mounting hardware is supplied for quick, stable and easy installation.


  • Two Way Data Communication
  • Standard Models
    IR 254 Mounting Height 4 … 10 m
    IR 255 Mounting Height 8 … 20 m
    < 50 mW Low Power Units Available
  • Exceptional Performance/Price Ratio
  • True Presence Detection
  • Automatic Contrast Compensation


Mechanical Dimensions Traffic Data Acquisition Field of View



Dimensions see diagram
Case material anodised aluminium
Cable length 1 m
Sensors static and dynamic
Spectral response 8 - 14 mm
Supply voltage see ordering information
Power consumption < 8 mA @ 12 V DC typ.


Data Exchange RS 485 bus, 9600, 8, e, 1
Data buffer up to 20 events per interval
Speed in 1.0 km/h increments
Length in 0.1 m increments
Turn-on time typ. 20 s from power-on
Counting typ. ± 3%
Speed average typ. ± 10% (3 20 events)
Classification depending on length classes
Operating temp. - 40°C … + 70°C
Humidity 95% RH max.
Sealing IP 64 splash proof
The standard model has a serial data bus for twoway communication with a data collection unit. Each detector connected to the data bus can be addressed individually by its identification number to retrieve the information from the data buffer. Other configurations as well as special versions are available on request.
The data is based on engineering samples and is believed to be representative.



Accessory IF 485
Interface Module and Communication Software for use with a PC.



Ordering Information
IR 25
Detector Type        
Mounting Height 4 … 10 m
Mounting Height 8 … 20 m
10.0 ... 14.0 V DC
5.5 ... 15.0 V DC
Serial Communication RS 485
Design and specification changes reserved without prior notice.



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