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Detector porosity Material Testing

Detector porosity

Product Code:266

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The Elcometer 266 revolutionises high voltage DC testing of coatings porosity detection making it safer, easier and more reliable than ever before. 

The Elcometer 266 holiday detector can be used to test porosity on coatings up to 7 mm (275 mils) thick and is ideal for inspecting coatings on pipelines and other protective coatings. This holiday tester features a built-in voltage calculator which will determine and set the correct test voltage based upon the test standard and the thickness of coating being tested.


Interchangeable DC probe handles   Integrated voltage calculator
Part Number Description Enter the test standard & the coating
thickness then the gauge will automatically programme the correct voltage
T26620033 1 DC5 (0,5 - 5kV)  
T26620033 2 DC15 (0,5 - 15kV) Second hand grip is available
T26620033 3 DC30 (0,5 - 30kV) Ideal for testing pipes and tank floors with 2 hands - without compromising safety
T26620033 4 DC30S (0,5 - 30kV) Part Number
Second Hand Grip
Testing has never been safer Universal probe adaptors
Ribbing provides additional user
protection - specifically designed to
meet EN 61010
Enables the Elcometer 266 to work with all major holiday detector’s accessories.
Removeable, quick charge batteries
Fully charge the battery pack in 4 hours,
within the gauge or separately, for up to
40 hours of continuous testing 



  • Voltage calculator automatically sets the correct voltage from your coating thickness value
  • Adjustable Voltage:
  • 0.5kV - 1kV in 50V steps
  • 1kV to 30kV in 100V steps
  • Dual safety switch on handle to avoid accidental switch on (Grey/orange probe handles only)
  • Internal Voltmeter/ Jeep tester ensures that the test voltage equals the selected voltage
  • Visual and audible alarms, Bright LEDs on the handle, as well as a loud buzzer, clearly indicate when a holiday is detected
  • To change maximum voltage range, select a different handle; 5kV, 15kV or 30kV DC or 30kV DC continuous
  • A wide range of probe brushes and rolling springs available


Norms :

ANSI/AWWA C213, AS 3894.1, ASTM C 536, ASTM C 537, ASTM D 4787, ASTM D 5162-B, ASTM G 62-B, BS1344-11, DIN 55670, EN 14430, ISO 2746, ISO 29601, JIS K 6766, NACE RP0274, NACE RP0188, NACE RP0190, NACE RP0490, NACE SP0188, NACE SP0490.


Elcometer 266 D266----4
Précision de la sortie en haute tension ±5% ou ±50V sous 1 000 Volts 
Température de fonctionnement 0°C à 50°C (32°F à 120°F)
Alimentation électrique Batterie rechargeable, complètement chargée en 4 heures
Précision du courant mesuré ±5% de l’échelle; Courant en sortie: 0 - 100µA maximum
Autonomie - rétroéclairage éteint (allumé) DC5: 40 (20) heures DC15: 20 (15) hours DC30: 10 (8) hours
Dimensions de la valise de transport Valise plastique ABS; 520 x 370 x 125mm (20,5 x 14,5 x 5”)
Poids Unité de base (batterie comprise): 1,2kg (2,7lb) Poignée: 0,6kg (1,3lb)
Liste de colisage Porosimètre haute tension Elcometer 266 DC, pack batterie, câble spiralé pour poignée haute tension, câble de mise à la terre 10m (32’), chargeur de batterie avec prise UK, EUR, US et AUS, sonde pinceau, bandoulière, valise de transport en plastique réistant et mode d’emploi


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