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Detector porosity Material Testing

Detector porosity

Product Code:266

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The porosity detector Elcometer 266 provides accurate detection of pinholes, flaws, inclusions and bubbles in coatings. The gauge has been designed to revolutionize high voltage testing of coatings, making it safer, easier, and more reliable than ever.

  • Current limiter to save the coating: When the Elcometer 266 detects a fault, and a spark, the current is automatically reduced to minimize damage to the coating.
  • Automatic voltage calculator: No need painting, simply enter the coating thickness, the normeà respect, and the tester will adjust the tension accordingly.
  • Safer Handle: High voltage is issued only when the device is held by the user.
  • Voltmeter included: integrated voltmeter constantly monitors the output voltage, which avoids buying a voltmeter surcharge.
  • Handle design revisited: A ribbed insulation on the handle provides superior protection against high voltage.
  • Ribbed resistant IP65: The housing is resistant IP65 for reliability.
  • Precise sensitivity adjustment: To inspect metal coatings or slightly damp.
  • Rechargeable and replaceable batteries: The batteries can be charged with or separately from the device.
  • Interchangeable Handles: 0.5-5kV, 0.5-15kV gold 0.5-30kV adjustable in steps of 0.1kV.


  • AS 3894.1
  • ASTM D 4787
  • ASTM G 6
  • ASTM D 5162-B
  • ASTM G-62 B
  • BS 1344-11
  • EN 14430
  • ISO 2746
  • NACE RP0274
  • NACE RP0188
  • NACE RP0490
  • NACE SP 0188


Detecting the porosity and corrosion points
Premature corrosion of a substrate is usually caused by the failure of the coating. A major cause of failure is the presence of defects in the finished coating.
Commonly appelésporosité coating, the main types of deficiencies are described below:

Flows and drips
The wet coating moves under the action of gravity leaving a thin dry film. Retraction Occurs quet a coating does not flow sufficiently to cover the gaps created by the bubbles released at the surface of the coating.

Crater wear
Occurs quet the substrate is wet if the coating has poor flow characteristics, thus creating voids in the coating. Pitting caused either by the presence of air is then released from the substrate or imprisonment particles (dirt, sand, etc.) that do not remain in place.

Extra thickness
If too much paint is applied to a substrate, the coating cures quet, it can crack due to internal stress of the coating.

Insufficient thickness
Areas are not coated or coating
acoulé without covering the corners (specific areas of a substrate) and seals. In addition, on a rough surface, a sufficient thickness can leave uncoated areas.

The resulting costs in terms of repairs and lost production can be considerable. Early defect inspection of the coating will prevent the expense and inconvenience caused by a failure of the coating.


Reference D266 ---- 1 D266 ---- 2 D266 ---- 3
Voltage UK 230 EUR 220 US 110V
Compatible handle 0.5 - 5 kV
Compatible handle 0.5 - 15kV
Compatible handle 0.5 - 30kV
IP65 Case
Precision voltage settings
± 5% or ± 50V below 1000 Volts
Output Voltage
± 5% of full scale
100 Volts, 1μA
Output Current
0 - Maximum 100μA
Operating temperature
0 ° C to 50 ° C (32 ° F to 120 ° F)
Internal rechargeable lithium battery, charged in 4 hours
Autonomy (backlight) DC5: 40 hours DC15: 20 hours DC30: 10 hours
Autonomy (with backlight) DC5: 20 hours DC15: 15 hours DC30: 8 hours
Resistant ABS plastic
Length of planting cable
10m (394 ')
Dimensions 520 x 370 x 125mm (20.5 x 14.5 x 5 ")
Weight Basic unit (with battery): 1.2kg (2.7lb) Handle: 0.6kg (1.3lb)
Includes Porosity detector Elcometer 266 DC, lithium battery, connecting cable coiled high voltage handle, 10m (394 ') of earthing cable (with alligator clip), battery charger, probe brush, transport strap, carrying case resistant for use.
The Elcometer 266 does not include the handle, select the reference voltage corresponding to the required accessories from the list below.




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