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Formaldehyde handheld gage with pump Environment

Formaldehyde gage with pump

Product Code:Z-300 XP

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  • High Resolution (0.01)
  • Easy to Use
  • Direct Reading
  • Internal Pump
  • Rechargable Battery
  • High Accuracy (Sensor Technology tested for indoor air quality by the Japanese Ministry of Health)


Environmental Sensors Company’s Z-300XP Formaldehyde Meter is a desktop instrument that measures formaldehyde concentration in air with a range of 0-30 ppm and a resolution of 0.01 ppm. The high resolution and accuracy of this model make it ideal for of indoor air quality testing, air monitoring while performing operations using formaldehyde, or air monitoring in industrial environments. With the data logging feature, the meter stores all of the exposure points for up to 12 logs (a log is created in the instrument’s internal memory each time it is used). Each log contains: date, time, number of exposure points, the interval between each point, and the actual exposure points. All of the log files easily uploaded to PC using components available within the Microsoft Windows Operating System or the terminal software included with the instrument.

The Z-300XP is an addition to the Z-300 series of instruments. This new model makes use of the sensor and filter technology employed by the Z-300. The sensor technology has been tested and recommended for high-resolution indoor air quality measurements, by the Japanese Ministry of Construction. With the addition of a pump, all manual operating procedures (filter changes), during the measurement process have been completely eliminated.

Z-300XP Specifications

Sensor Technology Electrochemical Sensor w/Chemical Filter
Nominal Range 0-30 PPM
Resolution 0.01 PPM
Measurement Time 3 min. normal conditions
Repeatability 0.015 PPM
Base Line Range 0.01 PPM
Zero Drift <0.002 PPM/min.
Sensitivity Loss <10 %/year
Operating Temperature 0-400 C
Pressure Range Atm 10%
Relative Humidity 15-90%, non-condensing
Alarm Audible beeps, ~80db
Dimensions 7.5” x 5.75” x 2.75”
Weight 900 gms
Power Source Internal Rechargeable Battery or AC Adapter

Theory of operation

The sensing element of the instrument is an electrochemical cell. The cell is a four-electrode type, which contains a working and an active auxiliary electrode. The signal from the auxiliary electrode is used for temperature compensation and to improve the selectivity of the entire sensor. The sensor response is linear with the concentration of formaldehyde in air.


Some representative examples of the common compounds and the corresponding signals they give are shown below. Care needs to be exercised about using this instrument in the presence of large concentrations of interfering gases. Contact the manufacturer if difficulties are suspected with other gases, or with other usage problems.

In addition variations of the baseline, resulting from varying concentrations of compounds other than aldehydes or ketones, during the course of the measurement (about three minutes), can impact the reading.

Z-300XP Formaldehyde Meter
Cross-Sensitivity Data
Gas Sensor Interferences
% of Form., ppm
Interferences After
Use of Filters
Acetone 2 2
Methylethyl Ketone 2 0
Diethyl Ketone 2 2
Acetaldehyde 12 0
Acetic Acid 0 0
Ethylene 67 0
Methanol 125 0
Ethanol 55 0
I-propanol 44 0
Carbon Monoxide 40 0

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