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PCB test kit for the soil Environment

PCB test kit for the soil

Product Code:Clor-N-Soil

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Soil analysis is not only expensive, but time consuming. PCB concentration, extent and location of site contamination are all critical when determining further action. Clor-N-Soil PCB field screening kits can help you make those decisions on-site in a matter of minutes.

Clor-N-Soil is a self contained test kit that allows field personnel to perform the test in less than 10 minutes without additional equipment or supplies. All premeasured reagents are sealed in glass ampules for accurate and consistent results. The kit can be used to test any type of soil including sand, topsoil, sediment, and clay at a fraction of the cost of traditional laboratory testing.
Detection Method

Action Levels
Analysis Time
Fixed endpoint colorimetric
50 ppm
10 minutes


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