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Test kit on Chloride Ion abrasive / concrete Material Testing

Test kit on Chloride Ion abrasive / concrete

Product Code:Elcometer 134A

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Chlorides, deposited on a surface during sanding by contaminated abrasive can cause premature failure of the coating. Contamination may accumulate. Particularly if the blasting medium is recycled several times. The Elcometer 134A is an accurate field test and easy to use, allowing you to determine if your abrasive is contaminated with chlorides and thus prevent costly surface defects.

Tests on the chloride ion can now be made quickly and accurately using a new extraction method, based on the solution CHLOR * EXTRACT ™.

  • No need for needles
  • This test does not contain mercury


Measuring range 1-50 ppm (mg / cm2)
Scale resolution 1 ppm
Sampling time 1.5 minutes
Tests per box 4
Color change Rose-White
Storage conditions 25 ° C (77 ° F)
Weight kit 367 g (13 oz)
Dimensions of the kit 185 x 125 x 110mm (7 x 5 x 4.5 inches)


Cat. No. Description
EL1342-000 Test kit on Chloride Ion abrasive / concrete Elcometer 134A


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