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Set of measuring coliforms in water Environment

Set of measuring coliforms in water

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Coliform indicator test kit

The Model TC-5 is an easy-to-use, disposable 5-tube method to indicate the presence of Total Coliform Bacteria in a drinking water supply. The water sample is placed in test vials containing the special coliform indicating tablets and stored at room temperature for a predetermined time period. After the required storage period, the vials are examined to determine the presence of coliform bacteria. The test method and results closely parallel the standard Total Coliform Multiple-Tube Presumptive Test (MPN) as outlined in Standard Methods for the Examination of Water andWastewater. Carefully read through the instructions completely before attempting to collect sample or run the test.


Each kit contains 5 glass tubes, marked at the 10 mL level and containing one Coliform Test Tablet. A sterileWater Sampling Bag containing a dechlorinating tablet is included for chlorine removal.


The tablets in the Model TC-5 contain nutrients to support the growth of coliform bacteria, a gelling substance, and a pH indicator. If coliform organisms are present in the sample, gas will be generated as a result of the bacteria metabolizing the nutrients in the tablet. This gas will be trapped in the gelling substance and cause the gel to rise in the tube. The pH indicator may change color from red to yellow as further evidence of coliform bacteria activity. Suggestion: As the test requires a 44-48 hour incubation time, we recommend sampling at a time period convenient to the user to read the end result.


The unused kit should be stored at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Keep away from children. This product is to be used for water analysis tests only.


1. Determine sample source, i.e. water spigot, faucet, system sample valve, etc.

2. Soak cotton ball or gauze with household alcohol and wipe entire water outlet area of spigot, faucet or test valve. Pay particular attention to faucet aerator screens and mixers.

3. Allow tap (cold water) to run for 2 to 3 minutes or until the line is flushed.

4. Reduce tap water flow to a rate that will fill theWater Sampling Bag slowly without splashing. Tear off top of bag at scored line and pull tabs outward to open bag. Do not touch bag opening or inner surface.

5. Fill bag to 4 oz. fill line, pull wire ends to close and whirl bag 3 complete revolutions. Shake bag to dissolve tablet.

CAUTION: Do not allow the tablet to fall out of the bag.


A. Tear off top at scored line.
B. Pull tabs outward to open bag. Sometimes a pull on the bottom is also helpful.


C. Fill bag to the 4 oz. fill line.


D. Pull wire ends to close bag.
E. Whirl bag 3 complete revolutions. (Do not roll tapes down.)
F. Turn tape wire inward on opposite face of fold.

6. Remove all 5 tubes from the display package and remove caps.
NOTE: Do not remove tablet from tube.
CAUTION: To avoid contamination, do not touch the inner surface of the caps, tubes, or handle tablet.

7. Unwhirl bag and pull tabs outward to open bag. Fold one tape wire inward to form a spout(see Figure 1). Carefully fill all 5 tubes to the 10 mL line with water sample. Replace caps tightly. Do not mix or shake tubes.

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