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Road marking Thickness Gauge Material Testing

Road marking Thickness Gauge

Product Code:ZMM 5000

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Handy, simple and sturdy precision testing instrument for digitally measuring the dry film thickness of road marking and similar coatings. The ZMM 5000 digital marking gauge enables you to get a fast and precise determination of the dry film thickness of road markings and similar coatings.

  • For all kind od road markings with or without reflective beads.
  • For direct measurement of the object in situ or of samples in the laboratory


  • Easy to handle
  • Measurements are possible relative to the marking and to the substrata (upwards and downwards measurements)
  • Digital display


  • 1 digital marking gauge with display in mm
  • 1 case
  • Measuring bridge for measurements over the whole width of road markings as well as for representative measurements on wide road markings
  • Printer for measured values (with statistics)
  • Digital display selectable mm/inches


  • Set the digital marking gauge with its three feet on or beside the road marking to be measured
  • Press the measuring arm downwards, until it lies on the marking, respectively on the substrata
  • Read the measured value
  • By means of the optional measuring bridge it is possible to measure over the whole width of the road marking to sketch a cross-section. (The measuring bridge - adjustable in width - lies on the substrata on both sides of the marking)


Material Anodized aluminium, red
Dimensions (LxWxH) 180 x 70 x 76
Weight 880g
Measuring Range -12.5mm to +12.5mm
Resolution 10µm
Bearing Surface Min. 50mm x 80mm
Standards DIN EN 13197
DIN EN 13212
Warranty 2 year guarantee
Digimatic indicator: 1 year


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