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Turbidity and portable data logger Environment

Portable turbidity and data logger

Product Code:HI98703

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Strong and compact HI 98703 is ideal for efficient and comfortable turbidity measurements.

Even at very low values (<0.05 NTU), it provides an accuracy of ± 2% with excellent reproducibility. HI 98703 is further equipped with a memory function and traceability, avoiding, when taking measurements at multiple points, possible confusion or manual identifications. It greatly simplifies the on site inspection and management of samples. The system consists of iButton identification keys and an integrated chip reader in the turbidimeter. They allow, through a coded serial number to differentiate the measurement points according to their location or the type of sample.


Advanced Technology

  • High accuracy even at low turbidity (<0.05 NTU)
  • Flexibility - three measurement modes: single, mean value, continuous
  • Calibration 3 points plus 1 point test 0
  • Tungsten light source (Compliance USEPA)



  • Managing traceability identification keys
  • Storage on demand - 200 measurements
  • RS 232 and USB ports - Broadband transfers
  • GLP function (Good Laboratory Practice)
  • LCD display with lighting and self-explanatory fashion


Technical specifications


Value for outstanding price :

HI 98703 is supplied in a carrying case with 5 measuring cups and cap 5 key identification and support, scissors, 15 ml of silicone oil, standard solutions (3) test solution <0.1 NTU, 12 V adapter and batteries.
  • HI 731331 Measuring Cups (4 pcs)
  • HI 93703-60 Caps for cuvettes (4 pcs)
  • HI 93703-50 cleaning solution bowls, 230 ml
  • HI 731318 Cleaning Cloth for cuvettes (4 pcs)
  • HI 92000 Windows® compatible software
  • HI 920011 PC connection cable (RS232)

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