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Table advancing infusion Biotechnology

Table advancing infusion

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  • 4 folding legs for optional angled display and compact storage
  • Easy customization using the silicone tubing and perforated table top
  • Cage washable


  • 15-3/4 x 15-3/4 in. square table top (40 x 40cm)
  • Height with legs open 6-1/2 in. (16.5cm)



  • 1-Tail channel
  • 3-Body restraint bands
  • 3-Tail restraint bands
  • 2-Large pump bands
  • 25-Plastic rat bags


Setup is simple. Follow the display, shown on the right, as described below, or creat your own custom setup. The suggested setup has allowed tail infusions in excess of 3 hours duration.

The rodent is restrained within a triangular 6 mil polyethylene bag. A twist tie is used to gather the bag around the base of the tail. The bagged rodent is then held in place using 3 body restraint bands. A tail channel prevents the tail from moving during infusion, but allows enough slak to keep the animal calm. The table can be positioned at an angle by extending two legs to increase circulatory flow. Elastic restraints are secured by either weaving the tubing through holes on the table, or by attaching the hooks to perforated top. The picture shows a syringe pump secured to the table minimizing the distance to the rodent.

Stack the table vertically on a cleaning rack. Whenever possible process the table with the legs in the open position. Follow the washer manufacturers recommended wash cycle instructions.


Scrub all surfaces with a pH neutral detergent nd rinse with water. Use a nylon bristle brush to reach inside corners. Allow to air dry. To prevent water spots, wipe with a clean dry towel.



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