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Screener / particle separator Material Testing

Screener / particle separator from Advantech

Product Code:L3P

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A Powerful Tool: The Original Sonic Sifter Separator.

A superior sieving instrument, the Sonic Sifter Separator is precise, versatile and ideal for research and quality
assurance applications. Specially designed 3.5" (75mm) diameter acrylic-framed sieves and a patented oscillating air column allows this unit to achieve effi ciencies previously seen only with wet sieving for materials in powdered, granular or pellet form — and is capable of achieving separations over the range of 3µm to 5.6mm. The Sonic Sifter is virtually maintenance free. There’s no screen wear or particle attrition. Particle separations can be accomplished in less than 10 seconds under favorable conditions. And testing times can be cut by up to 90%, compared to other methods.

With the Sonic Sifter:

  • Action can be varied for different densities and textures.
  • Automatic timing ensures repeatable results.
  • Separated fractions of material are retrievable.
  • All sieves can be conveniently direct-tared on conventional analytical balances.
  • Special see-through acrylic-framed sieves help determine proper power level and fi nish point.
  • Power level to separate particles is infi nitely adjustable.
  • A vertical, oscillating column of air “tries” the particles 60 times per second, and a vertical mechanical pulse ! shears agglomerates and reorients the particles in the air column.
  • No horizontal scrubbing of the particles occurs as in standard sieve shakers.
  • Operation requires a very short learning curve.
  • There’s no need for periodic adjustments or recalibration.
  • Unit holds up to six standard sieves or three precision mesh, double height sieves.


Power Requirements
Model L3P 120 volts, 60 cycles
Model L3P-15 120 volts, 50 cycles
Model L3P-25 240 volts, 50 cycles
Model L3P-26 240 volts, 60 cycles
Consumption 100 Watts
Operating Ranges
Temperature 0º to 120º F (-18º C to 49º C)
Humidity any (non-condensing)
For best results, temperature and humidity should be controlled. 
Weight 43 lb (20 kg)
Cabinet 10"w x 12"d x 23"h
25 cm x 31 cm x 61 cm
Built-in digital timer 
Warranty Limited one-year warranty on all units



Item Description Part Number
Column Lock L3-N1
Diaphragm L3-N2
Top Cone L3-N3
Standard Spacer L3-N4
Fines Collector L3-N5
Fines Collector Holder L3-N6
  Complete Stack Assembly* L3-N7
* Includes column lock, diaphragm, top cone, six standard spacers, fi nes collector and fi nes collector holder.



The Model L3-N8 Horizontal Pulse Accessory
A must for accurate separations below 45µm, this electromechanical device eliminates agglomerates in extremely fi ne powders. A tapping action alternates on opposite sides of the screen frame to create a high speed shock wave, breaking down agglomerated materials and reintroducing near-sized particles back into the air stream, and then back onto the screening media. 110 vac 50
or 60HZ

Power supply with electrical line cord for 110 volt operation, machined pulse assembly designed
to fi t in the sieve stack of the Sonic Sifter Separator.



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