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Versa separator Material Testing

Versa separator

Product Code:SP-2.5

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Versa-Splitter SP-2 model for materials 3/4 "(19 mm) sizes to smaller dimensions.

The SP-2.5 is versatile and applicable in a wide range of areas since it can be used for fine aggregates and coarse for many. It is robust enough to be used in the field and on the test bench in the laboratory. The contact parts and the plates are made ​​of stainless steel except for aluminum drop rods which are anodized to resist corrosion.

The accessory SPA-109 against the dust is screwed on the sides of the case of the SP-2.5 and has folding flaps which are placed in open and closed positions to allow access to the tray.

Info. for delivery
lb. (Kg.) Ft. cube
GISP2.5-00 Versa-Splitter
15-1 / 2x12-1 / 2x17-1 / 2
40.0 (18.2) 2.8
GISPA108-0 Plateau Supp. for SP-2.5
13-1 / 2x6-1 / 4x4
4.0 (1.8) 0.4
GISPA109-0 Case against dust  
12.0 (5.5) 0.3


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