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Dewpoint Meter with Bluetooth model 319

Dewpoint Meter with Bluetooth

Product Code:319

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The Elcometer 319 Dewpoint Meter has been designed to measure and record all the relevant climatic parameters required to determine whether conditions are suitable for painting.

Features :

User friendly
Intuitive, multi-lingual menu structure with large, customer definable illuminated display.
Rugged design
Dustproof and waterproof equivalent to IP66 with fully sealed sensors, suitable for use in the harshest of environments.
Integrated high power magnets
Attach the gauge to any ferrous metal object without the need for additional equipment.
Versatile instrument
A hand-held Dewpoint Meter and remote data logging monitor in a single gauge†.
High / Low limits
Limits can be set against any or all parameters, with visual and audible alarms when limits are exceeded.
The Standard gauge has a 10 reading rolling memory. The Top gauge has the added advantage of a large inbuilt memory to accurately record each measurement, storing up to 25,000 sets of readings in 999 batches.
Bluetooth®† data output
Wireless connectivity from the gauge to a PC. Data can be downloaded to a PC and, using ElcoMaster™ Software, supplied free of charge, detailed reports can be created in seconds. Using ElcoMaster™ Mobile Software, data can be e-mailed directly to the office from the field using a PDA.


At a Glance:

Bluetooth®† wireless technology for fast data transfer, ideal for easy report generation and archiving of readings

Measure and record climatic parameters:
  • Relative Humidity
  • Ambient Air Temperature
  • Surface Temperature
  • Dewpoint Temperature
  • TΔ (the difference between surface temperature and dewpoint)
  • Dry Bulb Temperature
  • Wet Bulb Temperature1
Built-in statistics:
  • Number of Readings
  • Mean
  • Standard Deviation
  • Coefficient of Variation
  • Highest Reading
  • Lowest Reading



  • Rapid response time
  • User switchable between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Date and time stamping of all readings data


  • Easy menu-driven user interface in multiple languages
  • Temperature trend indicators for all parameters
  • Clear, illuminated display showing up to five parameters from:
    • RH: % Relative Humidity
    • Ts: Surface Temperature
    • Ta: Ambient Air Temperature
    • Td: Dewpoint Temperature
    • TΔ: The difference between Td and Ts
    • Tdb: Dry Bulb Temperature
    • Twb: Wet Bulb Temperature



  • Can be used as either a hand-held dewpoint meter or as a remote data logging monitor†
  • Integrated thermocouple socket for a magnetic surface probe or liquid probe
  • The gauge can be transformed into a simple thermometer by selecting the “Te” mode – ideal for measuring a coating’s temperature prior to application or other external temperatures
  • Hold/Freeze function allows manual readings to be taken and reviewed before being logged into the memory



  • Manufactured from temperature resistant materials ensuring safe use in climates ranging between -20ºC and 80ºC (-4 ºF to176ºF)
  • Waterproof and dustproof equivalent to IP66
  • Rugged and ergonomic design including fully sealed, durable sensors


  • Data can be downloaded to a PC via USB or Bluetooth® and evaluated using ElcoMaster™ Software
  • Each gauge can be powered by either 2 AA batteries or directly via the USB cable
  • Adjustable limits can be set for each measurement parameter which trigger visual and audible alarms whenever a limit is exceeded – even if it is not displayed on screen




Technical Specifications:

  Range Accuracy Resolution
Air Temperature (Ta) -20 to +80C (-4 to +176°F) ± 0.5°C (±1°F) 0.1°C (0.°F)
Surface Temperature (Ts) -20 to +80C (-4 to +176°F) ± 0.5°C (±1°F) 0.1°C (0.°F)
External K-Type Thermocouple (Te) -40 to +200°C (-40 to +392°F) ± 0.5°C (±1°F) 0.1°C (0.°F)
Relative Humidity (RH) 0 to 100% RH ± 3 % RH 0.1%
Gauge & LCD Operating Temperature -20 to +80°C (-4 to +176°F)
Power Supply 2 x AA 1.5V Batteries or via USB Cable
Battery Life  Manual Mode: Greater than 40 hours (Backlight off) Interval
Logging: Up to 400 hours (1 reading every 10 minutes)
Dimensions 180 x 75 x 35mm (7 x 3 x 1.4")
Weight 300g (10. oz)


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