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Elcometer viscosity cups Material Testing

Viscosity Cups

Product Code:Serie (AFNOR, BS, DIN, FORD, ISO)

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Very easy to use instruments of anodized aluminum with holes in stainlesssteel, for measuring the consistency of paints, varnishes and similar products.

This measured kinematic viscosity is generally expressed in seconds (s) flow time. If the standards require conversion methods the flow time can be converted to centistokes (cSt) and a calibration certificate is available on request.

The sections are provided alone or with an adjustable support which comprises a deprécision level and a glass plate. The support can also be supplied with a thermostatic jacket for temperature control (thermo jacket).

Different ranges are available, according to the standards of 5-5100 cSt.

Viscosity is the resistance to the flow of a liquid. In the coatings industry, this behavior is one of the key parameters.

Elcometer manufactures and supplies a wide range of viscosity gauges from flow cups and rotational viscometers wet to coupes, cones / plans.

Flow cups: The process flow through an orifice can often be used as a measure and a relative classification of the viscosity. The measured kinematic viscosity is generally expressed as the flow time in seconds, which can be converted in centistokes using a viscosity disc.

Dip cups: Using the same principle as flow cups, dip the coupesà Frikmar, Zahn, Shell, etc. - Can be used for rapid measurement of viscosity in the workshop or on site.

Rotary: Rotational viscometers are used to determine the viscosity of liquids which do not depend only on temperature and pressure. The behavior of non-Newtonian liquids can be determined by using a range of rotational viscometers, especially viscometers cones / plans.


Part Number
Description Cup No. Orifice Diameter Range (cSt)2
Without Certificate With Certificate
K0002350M001 K0002350M001C(d) Elcometer 2350 DIN Flow Cup
Can be used in accordance with:
DIN 53211 (Cup 4 only)
2 2mm -
K0002350M002 K0002350M002C(e) 4 4mm 96 – 683
K0002350M003 K0002350M003C(d) 6 6mm -
K0002350M004 K0002350M004C(d) 8 8mm -
K0002351M001 K0002351M001C(e) Elcometer 2351 ASTM/ FORD Flow Cup
Can be used in accordance with:
ASTM D 1200
1 1.90mm 10 – 35
K0002351M002 K0002351M002C(e) 2 2.53mm 25 – 120
K0002351M003 K0002351M003C(e) 3 3.40mm 49 – 220
K0002351M004 K0002351M004C(e) 4 4.12mm 70 – 370
K0002351M005 K0002351M005C(e) 5 5.20mm 200 – 1200
K0002352M001 K0002352M001C(d) Elcometer 2352 AFNOR Flow Cup
Can be used in accordance with:
NF T30-014
2.5 2.46mm 5 – 140
K0002352M002 K0002352M002C(d) 4 4mm 50 – 1100
K0002352M003 K0002352M003C(d) 6 6mm 510 - 5100
K0002353M001 K0002353M001C(e) Elcometer 2353 ISO Flow Cup
Can be used in accordance with:
ASTM D 5125, DIN 53224, EN 535, ISO 2431, NBN T22-108, NF T30-070
3 3mm 7 – 42
K0002353M002 K0002353M002C(e) 4 4mm 34 – 135
K0002353M003 K0002353M003C(e) 5 5mm 91 – 326
K0002353M004 K0002353M004C(e) 6 6mm 188 – 684
K0002353M005 K0002353M005C(d) 8 8mm -
K0002354M001 K0002354M001C(d) Elcometer 2354 BS Flow Cup
Can be used in accordance with:
BS 3900 A6 :1971, AS/NZS 1580.214.2 (Cup 4 only)
2 2.38mm 6 – 43
K0002354M002 K0002354M002C(d) 3 3.17mm 28 – 150
K0002354M003 K0002354M003C(d) 4 3.97mm 89 – 340
K0002354M004 K0002354M004C(d) 5 4.76mm 79 – 441
K0002354M005 K0002354M005C(d) 6 7.14mm 369 – 1302
1 Must be ordered separately 2 For information only (d) Dimensional Certificate (e) Efflux Time Certificate



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