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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges Material Testing

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

Product Code:Elcometer 205, 206 & 206DL

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These portable robust instruments are used to measure the thickness of materials when access is only possible on one side of the test piece. Many different materials can be measured, including steel, cast iron, plastic, epoxy, fiberglass, etc.

  • Two calibration options - speed of sound, calibration according to a known thickness
  • Portable and robust
  • Backlit display on all versions
  • Output data available on the Elcometer 206 and 206DL. EDTS + Excel Link software supplied free of charge with 206DL
  • Memory capacity of 1000 measurements on the Elcometer 206DL.


High speed scan mode
Identifies the minimum thickness point on a large area when moving the translator on the surface. While the transducer is in contact with the material to be measured, the smaller value is stored in memory and displayed upon completion of scanning.
Differential mode
Displays the positive or negative difference between a value preset nominal thickness (target) and the actual measured value.
Alarm mode
Allows the user to set a target thickness so that an audible and visual alarm operates when taking measurements. If the measurement falls below a pre-set nominal (target), a red LED lights up and Audible beep sounds. A green LED will indicate whether the measurement is above the preset limit. ¨For Elcometer 207 models, the high and low limits can be programmed. Warnings are generated if the measure out of the programmed limits.
Output data
Allows the user to send the data directly to a printer or PC.
Data recording
A storage capacity of 1000 measurements - 10 files containing 100 measures
EDTS + Excel Link (Elcometer data transfer software)
PC data transfer utility including ASCII file generator and adding 'data drop' for Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets.
EDCS + (Elcometer data collection software)
Data management standalone program with advanced archiving functions, synthesis, analysis and data export.


Maximum measuring range 0,63-500mm (0.025 to 19.999 inches) according to the translator
Velocity range 1250-10000m / s (0.0492 to 0.930 inch / us)
Precision ± 0.01 mm (0.001 inches) depending on material and measurement conditions
Resolution 0.01mm (0.001 inches)
Units Millimeters and inches
Temperature -20 To 50 ° C (-20 to 120 ° F)
Keyboard Type Waterproof membrane
Viewing LCD 4 digits 1Z2. with backlight
Supply AA alkaline battery 1.5V or 1.2V NiCd
Battery Alkaline 200 hours (120 hours NiCd)
Weight 295g (10oz)
Dimensions 63.5 x 120.6 x 31.75mm (2.5 x 4.75 x 1.25 inches)


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