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Ohaus compact scales Material Testing

Compact Scales

Product Code:CL Series

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Why settle for another brand when you can have a compact Ohaus balance, portable and easy to use with 2 keys?
With its compact size, the balance CL can be used in industrial environments in production, laboratory, or as a letter weighs the office for weighing for dietary needs, soil samples weighing ...
Standard Features
  • Superior RF Protection - The CL was designed with protection against radio frequencies thus ensuring at all times the reliability of measurements even in the case of a nearby use of electrical appliances in production or near cell phones. The balance CL meets the guidelines and recommendations of CE and FCC standards bodies for electrical interference and
    (Section B class 15).
  • Large tray - The CL was designed with a large tray to allow the weighing of large samples, including large format letters.
  • Ability to stack scales - Protection Sensor - A sub balance molded footprint allows stable stacking of several scales. A cell lock protects the scale when transported or stored.


Standard Features
Simple operation with only 2 buttons, wear battery indicator, auto power off to save battery life, and the mechanical protection software to prevent damage to the load cell, external calibration (calibration masses not included) . Power 3 AA alkaline batteries (included) or AC adapter (optional).
Options and Accessories Ref. Ohaus
Stainless steel tray 80010623
Hard carrying case 80010624
Other power adapters 46001724 (interchangeable record 12 V) 46,001,779 (plug kit)
Calibration Masses Contact us
Quality System
All Ohaus CL balances are manufactured under an ISO 9001 quality system Rugged construction and strict quality control are the hallmarks of all Ohaus products for over a century.


Models Maximum Capacity Readability Pan Size (LxW) / Pan Size
CL201 200 g 0.1 g 4.75 in (120 mm)
CL2000 2,000 g 1 g 4.75 in (120 mm)
CL5000 5,000 g 1 g 4.75 in (120 mm)
CL5000F 5,000 g 1 g 4.75 in (120 mm)

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