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Capping Compound Material Testing

Capping Compound

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Flake-Style sulfur capping compound for testing of concrete cylinders, concrete blocks, concrete prisms, and other special shapes for compressive strength.

  • High compressive strength, exceeding ASTM C-617 standard!
  • Superior bond strength to concrete, less rejects!
  • No free-silica dust, it's safer to work with and it has less odor!
  • Thin Flake style, it melts down faster and it's easier to work with!
  • Low odor, the key is to lower the temperature!
  • Consistent from batch to batch and it's reusable!
  • Less costly and more accurate than rubber caps!
  • Silica-filled.
  • Melting range of 265° to 290°F (130° to 143°C)
  • Compressive strength is 8000 to 9000 psi on 2" cube.


FOLA150GEN Capping Compound, 50 lb bag

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