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Cutting Mill Material Testing

Cutting Mill

Product Code:SM 100, SM 200 and SM 300

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Benefits at a glance
  • Pre-crushing and fine crushing energetic
  • Wide choice of models to meet various requirements
  • Fast cleaning, easy handling
  • Final particle size defined by mesh bottom sieves of 0.25 to 20 mm
  • Wide range of accessories such as hoppers, collecting vessels, rotors and sieves
  • High safety standard


Cutting mills allow effective pre-grinding mixtures of heterogeneous materials as waste or electronic components and are also used for many other different materials. With the SM 100 mills, SM 200 and SM 300 RETSCH offers three models for different requirements. No matter whether it is to have a device for routine or flexible grinding mill for a wide variety of materials samples RETSCH has the appropriate model.

A large selection of sieves, hoppers and collecting vessels enables rapid adaptation to every application. The three models are available in a special version for grinding without heavy metals, it is quite possible to use them for the preparation of samples for analysis of heavy metals in the context of RoHS and WEEE directives.


Operating principle mills hills
The cutting mill ground effect by cutting and shearing. The feed material passes through the hopper to access the grinding chamber where it is caught by the rotor and crushed him between this one and against knife located in the crankcase. The sample material does not remain long in the grinding chamber; as soon as it is finer than the mesh of the bottom sieve used, it is evacuated and then collected into the collecting container.

Rotor rotation speeds of 1500 rev / min (SM 100 and SM 200) and 700A 3000 rev / min (SM 300) guarantee a careful grinding, fast and virtually dust free. The engines have a capacity of 1.5 kW (SM 100), 2 kW (SM 200) and 3 kW (SM 300). The use of cyclone suction device (MS 200, MS 300) is used to cool the grinding and discharging of the more easily the grinding chamber.


Cutting Mill SM 300
Pre-crushing and fine crushing high efficiency
The cutting mill SM 300 RETSCH convinces by its high speed, its optimized cutting effect and its ease of use. His power is such that it creates new standards of difficult materials grinding.

Cutting mills are used in many areas of the preparation of samples for subsequent analysis. The knives broyeurà SM 300 can operate at a speed between 700 and 3000 rev / min, it adapts to the specific requirements of each sample on the grindability and preservation of materials. This feature allows optimum grinding samples, whether hard or temperature sensitive.

Due to its versatility, the SM 300 is the optimal solution for various applications of analytical laboratories. An additional flywheel ensures a very high rate which allows the 300 SM finely grind a variety of materials in a single operation (RES technology, see page below cons). The clever design of the geometry of the grinding chamber of the SM 300 is optimal. Thanks to the large hopper opening and good power properties, it is possible to load large volumes of sample or samples into large pieces, and the flow rate being increased significantly. The MS 300 is equipped with additional double-knife against which greatly increase the efficiency and cut rate.

Combined with the wide range of accessories, the SM 300 is the ideal device for effective grinding cuttable materials and heterogeneous mixtures.
Benefits at a glance
  • Aggressive grinding through 3 kW motor high efficiency and RES technology
  • Perfect adaptation to grind matièreà thanks to the adjustable speed from 700 to 3000 rev / min
  • Optimized cutting effect by double against knives
  • Very fast cleaning thanks to hinged hopper, smooth surfaces and push-fit rotor
  • High safety standard thanks to the engine brake, the central locking system, the electronic security monitoring and support
Easy handling and cleaning
The handling of the SM 300 is particularly comfortable and secure. A safety switch prevents the commissioning of the mill as the door is opened, an electronic safety control prevents the opening of the crusher as the rotor rotates and a motor brake ensures the immobilization of the rotor from the decommissioning of mill.

With the lifting hopper, the grinding chamber is fully accessible, which significantly facilitates cleaning after use, especially as the inner walls of the room are smooth. After opening the grinding chamber, the plug-rotor can be removed in one step.


Cutting Mill SM 200
Energetic grinding of different materials

The mill SM 200 Knife is a powerful and user-friendly device for pre-crushing and fine crushing.
In the range of knives broyeursà RETSCH, the SM 200 is the universal standard model which covers a wide range of applications due to its powerful 2.2 kW motor and its rotational speed of 1500 rev / min. Because it can be used with the cyclone suction device optional, it also allows easy processing of materials lighter samples or small amounts of material.

The handling of the cutting mill is simple and secure. A safety switch prevents the mill commissioning as the door is opened and an engine brake ensures the immobilization of the rotor when the disposer is turned off.

For quick cleaning, it is possible to raise the hopper and then remove the plug rotor and the bottom sieve in one step.

Due to the wide range of accessories, the SM 200 is suitable for many applications. Also a special version for grinding without heavy metals, there is a wide range of hoppers, rotors, sieves and collection vessels

Some tips for optimal results
Fibrous and bulky materials (eg. Hay or paper) are best when they are crushed into a ball before being loaded into the mill.
Grinding gums and thermoplastic materials is facilitated by their préfragilisation with liquid nitrogen.
If the desired final particle size should be very fine, it is preferable to perform a pre-grinding of large samples with a wide mesh sieve Fonda and then a finer bottom sieve.


Cutting Mill SM 100
For routine applications
The SM 100 is the basic model of the range of cutting mills. It is ideal for preparing reliably soft, medium-hard, elastic or fibrous likely to be crushed without much deployment force.

The crusher is suitable especially for routine grinding. It is distinguished by its ease of use and can be installed on a very stable table or on the optional support.

A wide range of interchangeable accessories allows for versatile use of the SM 100. A special version is also available for grinding without heavy metals.


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