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Hammer mill SK 100 Comfort Material Testing

Hammer mill

Product Code:SK 100 Comfort

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The Beater Mill SK 100 comfort is suitable for coarse and fine grinding in batch or continuous mid-hard and brittle materials with a hardness up to 6 Mohs. The SK 100 is a device with very varied possibilities for use: from sample preparation in the laboratory and in industry for the production of samples in the field of production through use in pilot plants schools techniques.

Beater mills are mainly used for grinding:
  • soil
  • minerals
  • glass
  • coke
  • minerals
  • oxide ceramics
  • slag
  • pebbles
  • clinker

and many other similar materials. The maximum size for the initial bulk material is 15 mm, it may be 20 mm in the case of discrete items loading. The final fineness and throughput depend on the fracture behavior of the material to be ground and the mesh of the bottom sieve. Thanks to the powerful drive, just a single stage crushing to achieve in many cases niceties <100 microns. The SK 100 comfort is distinguished by its remarkable ease of use and safety standard. Thus the door of the milling chamber opens and closes easily with quick closure. Therefore, it does not take long to change the bottom sieve or clean the grinding chamber. In case of accidental opening of the rapid closing device, an engine brake active breaker switch that manages to lock the rotor in less than 0.5 seconds. The feed hopper is equipped for its a device handguards and a splashguard. Beater mills are robust, maintenance-free and comply with the requirements of European directives. The high quality finish ensures a very good prospect of longevity mills.


Brief Overview
  • High volume
  • high final fineness
  • versatile use
  • bottom sieve easy to change
  • wide range of accessories
  • direct drive, maintenance free
  • reliable construction, with CE regulations
  • 2 years warranty


The SK 100 comfort Technical
Grinding in broyeursà plagues held percussive effect, bouncing and shearing. The feed material passes from the hopper directly into the center of the grinding chamber where it is caught by the cross beater. The grinding operation then takes place between the brace of the baffle plates and the toothed grinding insert. Soon as the material is thinner than the width of the holes of the bottom sieve used, it passes through it and enters the collecting container. The air that passes through the hopper and is drawn through the spider accelerates the discharge of the ground material. A downstream filter system ensures the separation of the fine fraction material conveyed by the air stream


A grinder available in several variants
The mill housing is made of cast aluminum. Depending on the model (see table), trim and grinding tools are made of different materials. The choice of model depends primarily on the feed material. We recommend special steel if the feed material is hard and stainless steel if it promotes corrosion. Of 1.1740 steel baffle plates can be used for milling without heavy metals. The sheet metal bottom sieve perforation Conidur età round holes exist in 14 aperture sizes. For grinding without heavy metals, it is possible to choose from sheet metal bottom sieve Conidur St 1203 6 steel mesh openings. Standard equipment included with the flail includes a 5 liter collecting vessel of stainless steel and a textile filter bag. The mill can be attached to a well stable table or console. However, it is preferable to mount it on the support optionally available.


Flail of control data SK 100
Beater Mill SK 100 Ref.
Mill comes with grinding insert, cross striker, baffle plates, filter hose
(240 mm) and collecting receptacle (5 l) (The support and the bottom sieves are ordered separately)
Beater Mill SK 100 comfort version: melting special steel stainless steel
no heavy metals
SK 100 comfort for 3 / N ~ 400 V, 50 Hz 20.735.0001 20.735.0002 20.735.0003 20.735.1001
SK 100 comfort for 230 V, 50 Hz 20.735.0007 20.735.0008 20.735.0009 20.735.1007
SK 100 comfort for 110 V, 60 Hz 20.735.0010 20.735.0011 20.735.0012 20.735.1010


Accessories for SR 200, SR 300 and SK 100 comfort
The standard equipment supplied with the SR 200 mills, SR 300 and SK 100 comfort includes respectively a collecting vessel 5 l stainless steel and a filter bag. The use of the filter bag between the crusher and the collector vessel allows the evacuation of the air flow produced by the rotating rotor, thus avoiding any possible reflux. Moreover, it speeds up the passage of the material and ensures a gentle crushing process the material. It is also possible to replace the fabric sleeve by an annular filter sheet stainless Conidur holes 63 microns wide, with or without a dust filter. The sheet is not only easier to clean, especially in cases of fine dust, but also guarantees high stability of the collection container. For grinding large quantities, it is recommended to use the collection container 30 l with an appropriate filter bag and the electromagnetic Feeder DR 100 that allows a steady diet of the mill. SR 200 and SK 100 shredders can be mounted on a desk but it is also possible to use the media specifically designed for this purpose.


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