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Impact crusher SR 200 and SR 300 Material Testing

Impact crusher SR 200 and SR 300

Product Code:SR 200 and SR 300

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Hammer mills are suitable for coarse and fine grinding in batch or continuous and the disintegration of dry substances, soft, midures, organic and inorganic. Grinders can be used in the laboratory for sample preparation or in technical schools and business for relatively large amounts of samples.

The diversity of the range of accessories is a reflection of the diversity of applications impact crusher Examples of materials crushed by these mills.:

  • soil
  • Construction Materials
  • Chemicals
  • tablets / spices
  • fertilizer
  • REE
  • fly ash
  • grains / seeds
  • coal
  • feed pellets
  • pharmaceuticals

and many other materials. The SR 200 to rotational speed of 2850 rev / min (50 Hz) is available in cast iron. This mill can be attached to a table or a wall bracket but it is preferable to mount it on the optional support.

The SR 300 is the high-performance comfort model. Because of the speed of rotation (8100 rev / Minà 50 Hz) and higher driving power of the rotor, mill reaches higher speeds with a larger percentage of fine units in principle. The grinding chamber, feed hopper, material inlet and outlet are all stainless steel. The hopper can be unscrewed to facilitate cleaning. The grinder comes with a stand.


Brief Overview
  • High volume
  • high final fineness
  • versatile use
  • easy cleaning
  • grinding sets and inserts easy sieve change
  • Rapid closure of the door and engine brake
  • reliable construction, with CE regulations
  • 2 years warranty


The technique of SR 200 and SR 300
Crushing and agglomeration in impact crushers held percussive effect, bouncing and shearing. The feed material is fed through the hopper into the grinding chamber, where it is crushed between the rotor, the filter insert and the milling insert. Soon as the material is thinner than the width of the sieve it enters the collecting container. The rapid closure of the door ensures easy access to the grinding chamber for quick cleaning. Equipped with an engine brake (braking time <0.5 sec.), A breaker switch, a spray suppression protection and a guard device hands in areas of inlet and outlet, grinders percussion are distinguished by their high operational safety.


Choice of accessories
For soft materials, we recommend the use of the mount with 360 ° ring sieves. The grinding 180 equipped with the appropriate screen combines the effects of rebound and shear. It has been proven for grinding hard and brittle materials, particularly in the SR 200 that operates at low speed. The final fineness depends on the sieve mesh, the fracture behavior of the material loaded and the rotational speed of the rotor. For a lot of ground materials, fineness obtained for approx. 80% of the final product is less than half the width of the holes of the sieve used.
Materials heat-sensitive samples, slightly greasy and oily or particularly soft ground are best with the spacer rotors. The largest milling gap favorably reduced frictional heat which prevents the risk of clogging of the sieve and thus the blocking of the rotor. The spreading rotor is particularly recommendable for the SR 300 which operates at high speed. Standard equipment included with the percussion broyeurà includes 5 liter collecting vessel of stainless steel and a textile filter bag.


Control data of SR 200 and SR 300
Conveying Systems SR 200, SR 300 Ref.
Impact crusher SR 200, supplied with rotor percussion, filter hose (240 mm), container (5 l) (The frame, the grinding insert, sieves and possibly the support are ordered separately)
SR 200 for 3 / N ~ 400 V, 50 Hz rotational speed of the rotor 2850 rev / min, gray cast iron 20.732.0001
SR 200 to 230 V, 50 Hz rotational speed of the rotor 2850 rev / min, gray cast iron 20.732.0003
Impact crusher SR 300, supplied with rotor percussion, filter hose (240 mm), container (5 l) and support (The frame, the grinding insert and sieves separately)
SR 300 3 / N ~ 400 V, 50 Hz rotation speed of the rotor 8100 t / min, stainless steel 20.733.1002


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