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DigiPro software inclinometer Digitilt Material Testing

DigiPro software inclinometer Digitilt

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DigiPro software processes and plots inclinometer data recorded by the Digitilt DataMate readout. It creates high-resolution graphs and supports advanced routines for identifying and correcting systematic error. 

Productivity Features
Easy Graphing: Choose an installation, choose the type of graph that you want, and click OK. With just three clicks, your inclinometer data is reduced and plotted. Generating the same results from spreadsheets would take hours of repetitive work.
Reusable Settings: When you save a graph, DigiPro automatically stores scales labels, legends, and other settings as a "report." To process new inclinometer surveys, just click on the report. Digipro retrieves your graph settings, automatically finds the new data, and creates an updated graph.
Uniform Style and Format: DigiPro supplies standard templates that you can customize, adding your company logo, standardizing scales, etc. These customized templates will ensure that all new reports have a uniform format and style.


Technical Features
Standard Plots: DigiPro supports all of the standard types of inclinometer plots that are used to analyze movements and deformations of soil, rock, and structures. Cumulative displacement plots show movement relative to a fixed point of origin, incremental displacement plots reveal shear planes, and time plots show acceleration or deceleration of movement.
Diagnostic Plots: To help identify and evaluate errors in the data, DigiPro provides various plots that help you check for instrument drift, evaluate the potential for depth errors, and identify errors caused by changes in cross-axis sensitivity of the probe (tilt in the B axis influencing A-axis readings and vice versa).
Advanced Corrections: DigiPro lets you correct for bias shift and changed cross-axis sensitivity. In addition, it uses spiral corrections and settlement corrections generated by DMM for Windows. Note that correction values can be applied and removed at any time. the original data is not affected.
Automatic Conversions: DigiPro can produce metric-unit reports from English-unit data. DigiPro can also convert the depths stored with your inclinometer data to elevations.
Data Listings: When you print a report, you can choose to print a listing of the most recent data in addition to the graph. You can also print a listing of the plotted data points or export the listing to a file for use with a spreadsheet.


Graph Types: Graph types include cumulative and incremental displacements, cumulative and incremental deviations, displacement vs time, and checksums and difference checksums. Different types of graphs can be displayed on the same page and you can specify top or bottom reference and different scales for each graph.
Reports: When you save a graph, DigiPro automatically creates a report so you can reuse scales, labels, legends, title block, and other settings. To process new surveys, you just click on the report. DigiPro automatically retrieves your settings, finds the new data and displays an updated graph.
Templates: DigiPro’s graph templates provide a way for your organization to standardize the format and presentation of inclinometer reports. DigiPro’s templates are preformatted graphs of various types that include title blocks with your company logo, standard scales, text, etc.
Data Listings: When you print a report, you can choose to print a listing of the most recent survey. You can also print a listing of the plotted data points.


Survey Selection: The total number of surveys (datasets) per graph is limited only by memory and legibility requirements. You can mark one survey as the initial, and you can control the number of most recent surveys that will be autoselected for the graph. You can mark other surveys as permanently selected or permanently excluded from the graph (unmarked surveys are also excluded).
Data Units: You can choose millimeters, meters, inches, or feet for displacements and deviations. DigiPro can convert English-unit data to metric and vice versa.
Depth Units: You can choose depths or elevations and meters or feet for depth unit labels. DigiPro automatically converts units as required.
Corrections: Correction values are stored separately from data and do not affect stored data. The application of the various corrections can be toggled on and off. DigiPro supports corrections for spiralled casing and misaligned casing. Spiral correction requires a spiral dataset obtained with a spiral sensor. DigiPro supports corrections for systematic errors caused by bias shifts or changes in cross-axis sensitivity. Corrections for settlement are calculated by DMM for Windows and plotted by DigiPro as normal datasets.
Page Layout: Paper size, paper orientation, margins, graph size and placement have default settings that can be changed for individual reports. The layout of the default templates provides two graphs on the page with a title block at the bottom. You can specify A-axis or B-axis and top or bottom reference. Each report holds two graphs, and you can specify different types of graphs in the same report.
Graph Labels: Labels are supplied automatically or you can enter your own. You can change fonts and font sizes. Dataset identifiers can be toggled between date-only and date-and-time. The dataset legend can be placed in any corner of the graph.
Title Block and Logo: The title block provides two columns of four lines each to enter information about the graph. You can change fonts and font sizes for the text. You can also include your company name and logo. The logo must be a bitmap (.bmp) file


Project Database: DigiPro works with data stored in Slope Indicator's project database format created by DMM for Windows or DMM for DOS. The DMM program can be downloaded free from Slope Indicator’s website.
Legacy Data: TDMM imports legacy data from Slope Indicator’s previous formats (PCSLIN, RPP, and DOS DMM) and from the GTILT program. DMM also provides a means of entering data manually.


Computer Requirements: DigiPro for Windows requires a Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, or XP computer. The program does not run on Windows 3.x or DOS. A display resolution of 800 x 600 or higher is recommended, and a mouse or similar pointing device is required. DigiPro prints on any printer supported by Windows.
Network Information: Project databases can be stored on network file servers, but DigiPro itself must be installed on client computers (individual work stations).
Copy Protection: The program is copy protected, but a run-limited version can be installed and used immediately for 45 sessions.The user must then contact Slope Indicator by fax, phone, or e-mail to obtain an unlocking code that permits continued use of the program.


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