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Tube inclinometer Material Testing

Tube inclinometer

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Grooves are machine broached for excellent control of width, chamfer, depth, straightness, and spiral.
O-ring seals prevent entry of grout.
Built-in couplings snap together to make a flush joint. Unique locking mechanism engages full inner circumference of casing, providing much stronger joints than other snap-type casings.
Press casing sections together until joint snaps closed. The resulting joint is strong, flush, and grout-proof. Solvent cement, rivets, or tape are not required. O-ring lubricant is applied at factory. Extra O-rings and lubricant are supplied with each box of casing.


Large Diameter
Outside Diameter 85 mm, 3.34 inches.
Inside Diameter 73 mm, 2.87 inches.
Collapse Rating 12.4 bar, 180 psi.
Load Rating 635 kg, 1400 lb.
Temp rating -29 to 88 ºC, -20 to 190 ºF.
Spiral  0.33º per 3m or 10' section.
Medium Diameter
Outside Diameter 70 mm, 2.75 inches.
Inside Diameter 59 mm, 2.32 inches.
Collapse Rating 16.5 bar, 240 psi.
Load Rating 635 kg, 1400 lb.
Temp rating -29 to 88 ºC, -20 to 190 ºF.
Spiral  0.33º per 3m or 10' section.



85mm • 3.34" casing accommodates the most movement and provides the longest installation life. It is recommended for all long-term monitoring projects and for landslides.

80mm • 2.75" casing is suitable for medium to short-term construction projects. 48 mm • 19" casing is used in rock or concrete where deformations will be small.



CAT. NO. Description
85mm · 3.34" Casing
SI51150310 10' Section
SI51150311 5' Section
SI51100500 Top Cap
SI51150330 Bottom Cap
SI51150335 Grout Valve
SI51150320 Telescoping Section
70mm · 2.75" Casing
SI51150210 10' Section
SI51150211 5' Section
SI51101500 Top Cap
SI51150230 Bottom Cap
SI51150235 Grout Valve
SI51150220 Telescoping Section



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