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Universal Gauge paint inspection Material Testing

Universal Gauge paint inspection

Product Code:Byko-cut

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The BYK-Gardner paint inspection gage byko-cut universal is a
universal instrument for:
  • Measuring film thickness in the range of 2 - 2000 µm (1/8 - 80 mils) on every substrate (steel, non-ferrous metal, plastics, wood, etc.)
  • Adhesion test by means of cross-cut test in accordance with ASTM D 3359; DIN 53 151 
  • Indentation hardness test in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2815 (Buchholz)
  • Microscopic research for pores, pits, cracks, blisters, flaking, intercoat adhesion of the individual film in coat systems, and quality control of the pretreatment of the substrate
Portable instrument providing sufficient accuracy for laboratory use but also usable at construction sites and in workshops. Ideal for customer service technicians and demonstrations.


  • LED illumination
  • Cut finder
  • Ergonomical design
  • Guiding wheels for smooth cutting 


Technical Specifications
Lamp Batteries Microscope Dimensions
White LED 1.5 Volts Mignon type 50-fold magnification 110x80x75mm
(4.3x3.2x2.9 in)


Comes complete with:
  • byko-cut universal
  • Revolving rotary head with 3 cutters for film thickness (# 1-3)
  • Built-in microscope (scale 0 - 2 mm)
  • LED
  • Battery
  • Operation manual
Note: Cutters must be ordered separately for Cat. No. PG-3432 Tools for cross-cut and hardness must be ordered separately


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