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Vibro Screening Material Testing

Vibro Screening

Product Code:MM 400 from Retsch

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The Mixer Mill MM 400 is a compact benchtop, multifunctional, specially developed for dry grinding and wet small amounts of samples. This mixture model and homogenizes powders in seconds. Moreover, it is perfect for the disruption of biological cells as well as DNA / RNA extraction. Question performance and flexibility, the MM 400 is unparalleled in the market.

Application examples
Samples of waste feed, alloys, wood, sewage sludge, cereals, grains, ceramics, charcoal, hair, coke, tablets, electronic waste, drugs, wool, minerals, ores, plant parts, bones, straw, paper, plastics, chemicals, oil seeds, soils, tobacco, textiles, fabric, glass, ...


Product Highlights
  • grinding, mixing and reproducible and efficient homogenization in seconds
  • Powerful grinding by impact and friction, up to 30 Hz for up to 20 samples per run
  • possibility of dry grinding, wet and cryogenic state
  • hermetic bowls with screw lid guarantee a grinding without loss of material
  • can lock 9 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • wide range of accessories with bowls and grinding balls of different sizes and in different materials, adapters and CryoKit


Application grinding, mixing, homogenization, cell disruption, cryogenic grinding
Scope of application agriculture, food, biology, chemistry / plastics, environmental / recycling, geology / metallurgy, engineering / electronics, medicine / pharmaceuticals, construction materials, glass / ceramics
Feed material hard, semi-hard, soft, brittle, elastic, fibrous
Grinding principle impact, friction
Size * ≤ 8 mm
Final fineness * ~ 5 microns
Load / quantity supplied * max. 2 x 20 ml
Number of grinding stations 2
Setting the vibration frequency digital, 3-30 Hz (180-1800 min -1)
Normal grinding time 30 s - 2 min
Dry grinding yes it does
Grinding wet yes it does
Cryogenic grinding yes it does
Disintegration of cells with containers yes, up to 20 x 2.0 ml
Self-centering clamping device yes it does
Type grinding bowls grinding jars with screw cap
Material of grinding tools hardened steel, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, agate, zirconium oxide, PTFE
Sizes grinding bowls 1.5 ml / 5 ml / 10 ml / 25 ml / 35 ml / 50ml
Setting the milling time digital, 10 s - 99 min
Storable programs (SOP) 9
Given power 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Connection single phase
Protection rating IP 30
Power consumption 150 W
W x H x D closed 371 x 266 x 461 mm
Net weight ~ 26 kg
Documentation Video operation and application
Standards EC
* Depends on the sample and instrument configuration / settings


Operating principle
The MM 400 of grinding bowls produce vibrations in the form of circular arc in a horizontal plane. Due to their inertia, the balls come knocking with high energy on the sample material at the rounded ends causing crushing it. Intensive mixing, generated by the movement of the bowl and the movements described by the beads occurs simultaneously. The use of multiple small balls can further enhance the degree of mixing. The use of many small beads (eg. Ex. Glass beads) also allows the disintegration of biological cells. The high impact effect caused by the collision between the beads ensure effective cell disruption.


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