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Pellet Press Material Testing

Pellet Press

Product Code:PP 25

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Stable and high-quality pellets are an important precondition for reliable spectral analysis. Manual hydraulic press PP 25 is a compact laboratory apparatus particularly simple and secure order. Thanks to its maximum pressure force 25 tons, it lends itself perfectly to the preparation of solid samples for analysis by X-ray fluorescence. The pellets obtained are of very high quality and are characterized by high stability. The visible scale gauge allows playback of the piston pressure. Compression dies for tablet press PP 25 are available in different sizes, the room is fully drainable pelleting.

Application examples
Cement, raw materials, minerals, ores, slag, ...


A dvantages Product
  • Pellets obtained are of high quality
  • Easy and safe
  • 2 step module for precise and convenient pressure buil
  • Deliverables compression matrices in various sizes
  • Room Pellet be evacuated
  • Compact benchtop


Application preparation of pellets for spectral analysis
Scope of application chemicals / plastics, environmental / recycling, geology / metallurgy, building materials, glass / ceramics
Max compression pressure. 25 t, hydraulic press with manual control
Pressure force 1-25 t (10-250 kN)
Compression Dies ø 32 / ø 40 mm
WxHxD 400 x 360 x 300 mm
Net weight 42.5 kg
Documentation Video operation and application


Principle Func onnment
The sample is filled between polished press plates. A hydraulic press then applies the appropriate pressure on the sample through the piston slightly beyond the housing. Materials with high specific bonds, such as cement, does not require additional binder material for the production of a pellet.


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