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LiquiPhysics instruments and modules

Product Code:(Density and refractometers)

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The DeltaRange™ density measuring cells are tailor made solutions for applications such as alcohol content determinations or the quality control of organic solvents. They offer five place accuracy in the range required for such measurements at a significantly lower price than full range, five decimal place cells.

Density Compact Refractive Index Versatile Cell Modules Expandable
DM Density Meters
DM density meters determine the density and/or specific gravity of liquids quickly and accurately. The results are automatically converted into one or several pre- or user-defined units such as Brix, API degrees, alcohol concentrations, etc. Automatic error detection, only one adjustment required for the entire temperature range and built-in algorithms shorten measurement times by up to 75%. DM and DX are the stateof- the-art pinnacle for digital density meas urement.
RM Refractometers
Brix, refractive index or concentrations of thin, highly volatile, dark or viscous liquids? The RM refractometers master the quality control of a wide variety of challenging samples from routine Brix measurement at 20 °C to refractive index determinations of bitumen at 100 °C. The measurement process can be completely automated, eliminating the need for manual cleaning, and contact with dangerous solvents. The result is more reliable measurements in a shorter period of time.
DX and RX Cell Modules
Density and refractive index are frequently determined in the same lab and often times need to be performed simultaneously. The upgrade of a DM density meter or an RM refractometer with a DX density cell module or an RX refractive index cell module is the most cost- and space-saving solution in such cases. The flexible, expandable nature of the LiquiPhysics modular design makes it the perfect combination for any lab demanding fast and accurate results.





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