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Programmable timer for densomètre Material Testing

Programmable timer for densomètre

Product Code:4320

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The Genuine Gurley™ Model 4320 Programmable Digital Timer not only increases the accuracy and productivity of densometers, but provides recording an computing capabilities that will absolutely minimize the possibility of operator error.

The 4320 features innovatice user-friendly software with the option of using a built-in tutorial for step-by-step instructions. Its clean ergonomic design features large keys, an adjustable baclit display, tactile and audible feedback ad a number of programmable options. For the inexperienced technician as well as the seasoned engineer, the 4320 is an indispensible instrument.

The heart of the timer is its software, menu driven and designed to be used as a sophisticated dedicated calculator or timer alone, depending upon your needs. The software will remember where you are during a test number in a sequence and the results of all tests. It will even perform your calculations and display them on the oversize LCD graphics display. There is no reason to write it down, there are both RS-232 and Centronics outputs, allowing output to a variety of devices, including most printers.

Wheter you use it as a basic timer, a computer interface or a dedicated microprocessor, the Model 4320 is a powerful instrument that assist you in improving your testing proficiency without spending a fortune.

  • Automatic & manual program options
  • Calculates mean & standard deviation
  • Built-in calibration program
  • Easy to read graphic display
  • Fits all Genuine Gurley densometers*
  • User programmable
  • Output to printer or computer
  • Table or optional wall mount
  • Date/Time stamp
  • Automatic sensitivity calibration
* Earlier bottom loading models may require modification. Not available for top-loading models.


Use the desometer as you would normally. The large and bright LCD display of the model 4320 will alert the operator to normal safeguards and sequences. To run a manual test, press reset, release the cylinder and wait for the results. In automatic mode, the display will remind you what step you are on an when the series of tests is completed, it will display the results as well as send them to the optional printer.



Use our compact roll-fed printer that features a small footprint and an economical 3 in. wide roll good for hudreds of printouts or your own parallel printer and cable.



The model 4320's custom ergonomic cabinet sits firmly on any flat surface for ease in use wheter the operator is standing or sitting. For facilities with limited space or looking for a less cluttered work area, order the adjustable wall bracket option.



The design of the Model 4320 series is modular and utilizes an external compact power supply. Order the appropriate model for your requirements
  • 4320 DN: 110VAC, 60Hz
  • 4320 EN: 220VAC, 50Hz
  • 4320 UN: 90-250VAC, 47-440Hz, 110-350VDC
  • 4320-4, 110VAC, 60Hz
  • 4320-5: 220VAC, 50Hz



The parallel port is an industry standard, 36 pin Centronics connector which is compatable with most printers



The serial port is a standrd 25 pin female D connector which allows an easy interface to any IBM compatible PC or other DTE type device. This supports 2400, 9600, 19.2K and 38.4K baud with Xon/Xoff or RTS/CTS handshake.



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