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Measuring Wheel  Land surveying

Measuring Wheel

Product Code:Measure Master

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A money-saving workhorse is the best way to describe the MM-30. For longer indoor measuring needs and mid-range outdoor applications the MM-30 shines. Real estate, road finishing, law enforcement, general construction and fencing needs are easily handled by this wheel. The standards of flexibility and durability are set by the MM-30 Series.

MM-30 Series
Features Benefits
Silver powder coat steel wheel Lasting durability and good looks
Brass axle bushings Free-spinning wheel for easy rolling
Molded 5-digit plastic counter Records to 10,000 feet or 10,000 meters with convenient push-button reset
Safety green color High visibility means a safer work environment
3-foot/ 1-meter circumference Best all-around versatility
Insert-and-lock handle Transport and storage is easy with the unique, insert-and-lock handle
Wheel stand Keeps wheel upright when not is use


Measure units Feet inches feet tenths Meters Decimeters
Counter singles single single
Counter limit 10,000 feet 10,000 feet 10,000 meters
Wheel circumference 3' 3' 1 meter
Wheel diameter 11 1/4' 11 1/4' 32.05 cm
Handle type insert-and-lock insert-and-lock Insert-and-lock
Collapsed dimensions 22 1/4" 22 1/4" 59.05 cm
Extended dimensions 40" 40" 1 M, 2.4 cm
Shipping weight (ea.) 5 lbs 5 lbs 2.3 kg
NOTE: Due to varying field conditions and operator usage, measuring wheels should only be used as estimating tools.



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