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Persoz & König Pendulum hardness Material Testing

Persoz & König Pendulum hardness

Product Code:Elcometer 3045

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Product Description

This instrument works on the principle of vibration damping of an oscillating pendulum on two balls resting on a painted test panel. The oscillation amplitude decreases more slowly when the surface is hard and faster, when the surface is flexible.

  • Internal storage of gauge block and the pendulum
  • Strong and robust, for consistent results
  • Fully automatic test: Insert the sample, close the door and press the start button
  • Automatic calibration for accurate operation of the pendulum within the specified limits
  • Storing all test data transfer to a PC via the supplied software ElcoMasterTM 2.0
  • Adjustable feet and bubble level to ensure the flatness of the test
  • Operation via multilingual menu
  • Rigid perspex door, easy access for sample positioning

The hardness of a coating is indicated by the number of oscillations in the amplitude specified limits. The Persoz test measures the time it takes to reduce the oscillation amplitude of 12 ° to 4 ° and the König test measures the oscillations of 6 ° to 3 °.


Hardness testing

The hardness is defined as the resistance of a material to permanent deformation.
In the coatings industry, the hardness measurement can determine the scratch resistance of the coating due to normal wear and also to check whether the coating has completely cured.

The term "hardness" refers to different property of a material, in particular:

  • Resistance to scratches, scrapes and tears
  • Penetration resistance

The hardness is measured using different methods that meet specific needs. Some of these methods are intended to characterize the coatings, and others are better suited to the control of homogeneous materials, such as metals, plastics, rubbers or elastomers


Inspection Method

Persoz method
Pendulum stainless steel 500 g (17,6oz), with beads 2 8 mm (0.3 ") diameter.

Oscillation period 1 second ± 0.00
Deviations 12º 4
Damping time glass: 430 ± 10 seconds

König method
Stainless steel pendulum 200 g (7,05oz), with two balls of 5 mm (0.2 ") diameter.

Oscillation period 1.4 seconds ± 0.02
Deviations 3 to 6 °
Damping time glass: 250 ± 10 second


Technical specifications
Dimensions 500 x 330 x 760mm (19.7 x 13 x 29.9 ")
Weight 15kg (33lb)
Item code K3045M001 Pendulum Hardness Persoz & König Elcometer 304

Hardness pendulum Persoz & König Elcometer 3045 †, glass standard, RS232 data cable 3 power cable (UK, EUR and US), ElcoMaster ™ software and instruction manual.

† The clocks are not included and must be ordered separately

Persoz pendulum KT003030P001
König pendulum KT003040P001
Dock glass calibration KT003045P009
Spirit level KT002400P001
Power cable, EUR 220 KT009999P001
Power Cable, UK 240 KTUK9999P001
Power cable, US 110 KTUS9999P001


The pendulum hardness Elcometer 3045 has unique features specifically designed to facilitate repeatability and reproducibility of the tests. Amongst these functions:

  • Automatic calibration: the user places the standard glass in the cockpit instead of the sample, provide the appropriate pendulum on the positioning pins and closes the door. The Elcometer 3045 then performs the complete calibration and automatically adjusts the unit to meet the specified standards.
  • Fully automatic test: once the sample and the pendulum in place and the door closed, press the start button and the following actions are performed automatically:
    • The sample is placed under the ball of the selected clock.
    • The pendulum is placed in the correct starting position.
    • The pendulum is released automatically and the number of oscillations is counted and recorded in memory.
    • The sample and the pendulum back to the starting position, ready for the next test in the series of three.
  • PC transfer: each test results can be saved and transferred to PC for analysis and reporting, RS232 connection.



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