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Windmate - Portable Wind Meter with Direction and Humidity Sensor Environment

Windmate - Portable Wind Meter with Direction and Humidity Sensor

Product Code:WM-300

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The WM-300 is a comprehensive instrument for agriculture, forestry, emergency management and other industry professionals.

The Swiss-made humidity sensor is lifetime calibrated! In addition to relative humidity, the unit measures dew point, wet bulb, Delta T, temperature & wind chill. Like the WM-200, it uses a wind vane & a USA-made fluxgate compass for digital wind direction, which also calculates crosswind & head/tail wind readings. Unlike traditional compasses, the WM-300 reads when held vertically and can be used for taking bearings. It also includes our patented Comfort Index, which is the effect of temp, wind speed, relative humidity & sun intensity on the human body and is superior to Heat Index.

WM-300 can be tripod-mounted and accommodates the Model SM-WT wind tunnel accessory for very precise measurements. All WindMates meet NIST calibration standards and wind speed accuracy tested better than +/- 3%.



  • Current, maximum wind speed
  • Average wind speed over 10 seconds
  • Wind direction in degrees & compass points
  • Calculates cross wind, head/tail wind
  • Use as a bearing compass
  • Temp/windchill/relative humidity/wet bulb/dew point/Delta T
  • Backlight
  • Choose any measurement unit
  • Reads in tenths
  • Replaceable 400-hr Lithium battery
  • Easy to read LCD
  • Swiss-made impeller components
  • Swiss humidity sensor is lifetime calibrated
  • USA fluxgate compass
  • Threaded for tripod mounting
  • Unique pocket-knife design to protect unit when not in use
  • Comes with adjustable lanyard
  • Water resistant
  • Floats



Wind +/- 3% when aligned with winds axis
Temp/Windchill +/- 1.8° F
Compass +/- 2°
Relative humidity +/- 3%
Wet bulb & dewpoint +/- 3.6
Wind .8-89 MPH
Temp -20° to 158° F
Windchill -50° to +50° F
Compass 0 to 360
Relative humidity 5% to 95%
Wet bulb 32° to 100° F
Dew point -20° to 158° F
Response Time
Current & maximum wind 1-sec
Avg wind over 10-secs
Temp 1-minute * Windchill 1-sec
Wind direction & compass 1-sec
Cross/head/tail wind 5-sec
Relative humidity, wet bulb, Delta T, dew point 1-minute
Optional Unit
  • Knots, MPH, KPH, Ft/Min, M/Sec, Beaufort
  • ° F or ° C
  • CR2032 Lithium battery (included)
  • 5.5 x 1.75 x .75 (closed)
  • 3.2 oz


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