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Dynamic and static load cell Material Testing

Dynamic and static load cell

Product Code:Andidoor model for automatic doors

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Compliance with the new EN12453 standard, Andidoor allows the measurement of clamping forces automatic doors on site. Compact, lightweight and autonomous, it allows instant measurement and calculation of dynamic power and static forces. Fdynamique between 0 and 0.75 s (<400 N), FS1 from 0.75 to 5 s (<150 N) and FS2 from May to October s (<25 N).

It traces the curve on the screen with (not to exceed thresholds), records the values ​​in memory (100 per calculation) and gives the statistical results for each calculation. The set of values ​​can then be saved to a PC for writing test reports. In case of doubt the last recorded curve can also be recorded on a computer for further study.

Delivered in a carrying case, it is a robust tool (screen protected by a neoprene shell, sensor protection against overload) and indispensable for checking automatic doors, vertical or horizontal.

Including Charger, data transfer software, PC cable connections and certificate attached COFRAQ in its carrying case.

  • Measure static and dynamic forces
  • Waveform Display
  • Calibration Certificate included


Role Model Capacity Resolution Precision
Andidoor 0-400 lb 0.04 lb 0.5% FS


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