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Weight metric standard (5kg- 30kg) with handle Material Testing

Weight metric standard (5kg- 30kg) with handle

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Typical use of the standard weight CLASS 1. Used to calibrate special analytical precision balances with a readability as low as 0.1 mg to 0.01 mg, Class 1 and 11. Can be used as a reference standard for calibration for other weight
  • Stainless Steel Construction Class 1
  • Including: weight
  • Carrying case Option
  • Ask your accuracy certificate


Cat. No. Description
RI12996 Weight 30kg
RI12995 Weight 25kg
RI12994 Weight 24kg
RI12993 Weight 20kg
RI12992 Weight of 16kg
RI12991 Weight 10kg
RI12990 Weight 8kg
RI12989 Weight 5kg

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