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An apparatus for measuring the temperature and moisture Material Testing

An apparatus for measuring the temperature and moisture

Product Code:TH8

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The TH8 offers accuracy and ease of operation of our THP plus 8 diagram "that provides the detail you want to comply with very specific applications in the industry. The definitive instrument for monitoring processes and storages criticism.

"I use the TH8 to control temperature and humidity in environmental chambers and stability. For 5 years, the TH8 has been easy to use and worked without problems under harsh conditions. The graphs are used as excellent evidence for environmental control of the FDA (Food and Drug Administratio n). "

Perry Shepard, Electronic Services and Calibration
Central Pharmaceutical Inc.

Temp measurement range. -20 To + 120 ° F, -20 to + 50 ° C
Precision measuring temp. ± 2% over the entire measuring range
Range of moisture measurement 15-85% RH
Moisture measurement accuracy ± 3% RH of 15 to 85% RH
Recording time 24 hours, 7 days
Graphic Size 8 "diameter
Average response time 15 minutes to displace 63% of the measurement scale

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