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Moisture 3-in-1 Material Testing

Moisture 3-in-1

Product Code:MMS Plus

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3 IN 1 moisture meters
Reliable and compact design
The moisture in building materials can contribute to deterioration, unhealthy living environments and costly to solve problems. MMS helps identify, diagnose and monitor existnts or potential moisture problems thanks to its integrated functions.


Hygrometer Fashion
Measures relative humidity, temperature, dew point and proximity to the dew point thanks to its modular and replaceable Protimeter Hygrostick.
Pin measurement mode
Determine the moisture content of the wood and the équialence humidity value of other building materials wood
Measuring mode without pin
Detects the presence of moisture to non-invasively using radio frequency


Includes've Standards More includes MMS with grains / lb automatic calculation, data download software with cable, Hygrostick, sensor temperature space, 5 iné deepwall probes, pin moisture probe, Hygrostick extension lead, wood calibration chart, calibration check device, spare pins, instructions, nylon pouch
Weight 10.58 oz (300g) instrument only
2.5 lb full set
Max. of the needle 0.4 in. (10 mm)
Screen LCD
Batteries (included) 2 AA
Probes Hygrostick
  • Length: 50mm dia: 8mm
  • Optimal hole diameter: 13mm (i used pressure cuff to measure the relative humidity in the solid materials)
Protimeter MMS 180 x 70 x 45 mm
Protimeter Kit 230 x 190 x 90 mm


PRBLD5800LH Moisture MMS

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