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Diffuseur d'oxygène iSOC(r) pour bioremédiation

Diffuseur d'oxygène iSOC(r) pour bioremédiation

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iSOC® has rapidly become the most popular bioremediation tool for remediating a wide range of contaminants, including recalcitrant compounds in groundwater. iSOC® has been used at hundreds of sites for effective remediation of a wide range of contaminants including hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons in any lithology. iSOC® requires no electricity which leads to extremely low O&M compared with competing technologies.


A New Application of iSOC® Technology: Chlorinated Sites
Recently, iSOC® technology has been applied to sites contaminated with chlorinated hydrocarbons using oxygen and other gases to treat chlorinated sites under both anaerobic and aerobic conditions. Our website has been updated to reflect these bioremediation alternatives and various processes and soon our microcosm studies will provide more information to optimize delivery of combinations of gases to best stimulate the biological degradation of harmful substances.



A Micro-sized Control Panel
iSOC® is often used in individual wells with a small access box covering the well. While this set-up is cost-efficient and convenient, requiring no major site disruption or costly installation, the size of the access box is very limiting. Using innovative technology originally developed by NASA and successfully proven on our other Gas inFusion devices, we developed a small gas flow control device to sit in the top of the iSOC® unit. The result is a much simpler and easier installation that benefits the consultant and site owner both.



iSOC® is an ingenious gas delivery system based on inVentures’ patented Gas inFusion technology - a unique method of infusing supersaturated levels of dissolved gas into liquids. At the heart of iSOC®, the proprietary structured polymer mass transfer device is filled with micro-porous hollow fiber that provides an enormous surface area for mass transfer - in excess of 7000 m2/m3. It is hydrophobic and therefore excludes water. Maintaining gas pressure less than the surrounding liquid pressure ensures that ultra efficient mass transfer takes place
without sparging.
In an aerobic bioremediation application, the iSOC® supersaturates the monitoring well with low decay dissolved oxygen (DO), typically 40-200 PPM depending on depth in groundwater. A natural convection current and a designed release bubble from the top of the iSOC® fills the well with a uniform DO curtain. The supersaturated DO curtain of water disperses around the well into the adjacent groundwater and enhanced bioremediation removes organics through natural attenuation. Placement of injection wells depends on site-specific conditions. The system is installed in a few hours and easily moved from well to well to optimize performance and remediation strategies.



• Accelerates site closure through enhanced natural attenuation as a primary remediation strategy or as a polisher
• Delivers 40 to 200 PPM DO depending on iSOC® depth.
• Installs in existing 2-inch (50mm) monitoring wells.
• Application not limited by iron fouling under most conditions.
• Connects to standard gas cylinder.
• No power requirements, off-gases, pumps, or hazardous by-products.
• Small, simple, efficient, predictable, easy to use, & very low O&M.





Each order is supplied with a distribution header. Multiple port distribution headers are available. The size ordered is determined by the number of iSOC® units being run from each regulator. The distribution header can be directly mounted onto the gas regulator. The header is supplied with an on/off valve for each iSOC® unit such that the gas bottles can be changed without pulling the iSOC® from the well. For further detail go to www.isocinfo.com — Installation and Design — Installation Procedures.



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