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Enregistreur sans fil automatique de l'humidité des sols WATERMARK

Enregistreur sans fil automatique de l'humidité des sols WATERMARK

Fabricant :Spectrum Techno
Modèle :950R1/T1

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The Wireless Monitor functions similarly to the WATERMARK Monitor described above, but allows for a wireless connection between the sensor locations and the monitor. A Wireless Monitor installation consists of two basic components, the 950T1 Transmitter that reads 4 connected sensors, and the 950R1 Receiver which records the soil moisture data received from as many as 16 950T1 units. This allows for as many as 64 sensors to be recorded by an individual 950R1 Receiver. Data is stored on the 950R1 and can be downloaded using a laptop, PDA, or with our long range 900mhz radio telemetry.

  • 1500 ft line of site range between 950R1 and each 950T1
  • Information is stored based on % change rather than repetitive readings
  • Up to 16 950T1 per 950R1
  • As many as 4 sensors on each 950T1
  • Software included
  • In-field display of current readings
  • Download history to a computer
  • Outdoor mount
  • 12 volt battery and solar panel included
  • Orchard configurations available for tree crops
  • Switch position or tipping bucket rain gauges can be read on the 950R1
  • Simple field installation mounts on 2" pipe


version of WaterGraph software is included for downloading and displaying the data. The data file created can also be opened by some spreadsheet or graphing programs, like Microsoft Excel®.



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